Ways to Transform Fear into Positivity

Dang fear, always getting in the way of life.  Earlier I shared how to reclaim your day based on Brendon Burchard’s – the Secrets to Motivation and Achievement from the Hay House World Summit.  Here’s an extension of what he shared regarding ways to transform fear into positivity, and boy is it powerful. According to Burchard

Reclaim Your Day with This One Simple Thing

The Hay House World Summit kicked off earlier this month and as usual I’ve found various thought leaders that have inspired me toward transformation.  One of them was Brendon Burchard’s lesson on the Secrets to Motivation and Achievement, where he spent a few minutes sharing his simple way to reclaim your day. And it is

The Secret to Happiness and Financial Independence

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Prudential and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own. Who doesn’t want to find happiness and financial independence?  I know I do, which is why I had to share what’s worked for me and seems to be working for many of the women highlighted by Prudential

Life is a Choice

It’s official.  Oprah and Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience, Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit has come to an end, but I hope not all the progress made toward understanding that life is a choice. Yes, we write our life story based on our choices and perceptions. So instead of continuing to live life unconsciously, why

Finding the Peace Within

Have I mentioned how much I love doing all of Oprah and Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experiences? Well, Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit is by far one of my favs because it is working wonders in getting me unstuck with my emotional eating and finding the peace within.  If you struggle with any negative habits (overeater, shopaholic,

Are You Fulfilled?

So are you fulfilled?  Are you sure?  I thought I was fulfilled. I thought I had worked through all my inner demons and was happily living my life in peace and harmony, until I heard week one of Oprah and Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience, Shedding the Weight: Mind, Body and Spirit. If you too struggle