Finding Your Flow – Finding Wisdom & Consciousness (Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience™)

Finding wisdom in intuition – I know it’s in there and tries to guide me everyday, but my EGO thinks it knows better and always tries to find a way around what intuition is whispering to me.  Today, the first part of Oprah and Deepak’s Meditation Experience is about allowing our sense of intuition (to) provide us with cues that point us toward our personal fountain of inner wisdom.

As I’ve shared before, EGO is all about conditioning and trying to make us right, vs. allowing us to come from the place of peace and oneness that is hidden within each and everyone of us.  Once we quiet our mind and EGO, we’re able to see all that the universe has to offer, thus allowing us to align in harmony vs. fighting it every step of the way.

Cultivating connection with your inherent intuition leads you to your truth. As you listen and respond to this inner guidance you begin to discover your purpose and path. You only need to open your awareness, listen in the stillness of your being, and take it in.

Once we allow ourselves to take it in, we can clearly see that we are truly light and not the shadows and darkness that we allow in when we fail to listen to intuition and ultimately fail to live in the moment.  Letting intuition and consciousness (awareness) guide us, is what the second part of today’s meditation is all about.

As this energy is awakened, there is no more searching or striving. Experiencing yourself as infinite consciousness is the state of enlightenment.

Basically that means that once you quiet the mind and EGO, you awaken your true self and allow the universe to bring you everything you’ve ever struggled to attain/find on your own.  Once you are free from the darkness, to walk in the light, you will find that everything in the universe will be restored to its proper balance and you no longer have to seek anything because now What you seek is seeking you. – Rumi


How beautiful is that thought?

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How will you allow yourself to live in wisdom and consciousness today?

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    1. Jessica, so happy this is speaking to you too! Oprah and Deepak do several 21-day meditation experiences a year. They did this one for free in April, so I’m just sharing the highlights and my interpretations of it here. If however, you want to experience it straight from them, now it does cost money to get the full 21 day experience. Here’s the link for that and here are the links to the ones I’ve shared so far (Day 1 – Day 7), ; ; with more to come next week, 😉 Hope you’ll keep tuned in. Thanks

      PS – past 21 meditation experiences and other steps toward finding happy can be found under my finding happy category 😀

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