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Weight Loss – Why are You so Demanding and Needy?

I just realized this past month, that those of us trying to make intuitive eating a way of life, can never really take a break from being in tune with what we’re nourishing our bodies with. 🙁 This realization brought me to a lightbulb moment…losing weight and keeping it off via intuitive eating is as

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Tid Bits on How to Gain Local News Coverage for Your Story/Cause

Earlier this week I had the priviledge, along with several of my LATISM (Latinos in Social Media)-San Antonio (@LATISM_SA) friends, to tour  our local NBC affiliate’s television station, WOAI (@News4WOAI) and I got more than I expected.   To start with, although this is our local chapter’s second meeting, our leaders – Melanie Mendez-Gonzales (@mendezgonzales)

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Best Friend vs. Love Match

As you can tell by my title – Best Friend vs. Love Match, I currently find myself in a quandary.  I have been slowly letting my old best friend/Ex into my life again.  As you may have seen in my post “Working on Making an Ex a Friend Again” I have been best friends with him