The Key to Happiness

The key to happiness – true, lasting happiness – has been the topic of many books, lectures, videos, and many a pilgrimage.  It seems like such an easy feel good emotion that it’s hard to believe we easily allow it to go away in favor of sadness, fear and hatred.  And while I still have moments where

Easy Mini Meditation Techniques Via Eckhart Tolle

Kudos to those of you that have mastered the meditation process and can meditate for 30 minutes or longer each day.  As much as I’ve tried, that’s just not me.  However, thanks to Eckhart Tolle’s breakdown of easy mini meditation techniques, I know that what I have been able to do is just as valuable. See,

Living in the Present is The Ultimate Gift We Can Give Ourselves

So last week I shared how my life was just blah and how I was trying to find my way back to my true self and true happiness.  I’m happy to report that after listening, getting out of my own way and really taking in what a few Hay House World Summit experts were sharing,