10 Things You May Not Know About Me

As I approach my true Blogiversary date (April 30th), I realized that while this blog is jammed packed with my various personal experiences, I’ve never quite shared a list of things you may not know about me.  So here goes.  😉



  1. I had open heart surgery when I was 5 – I was born with a heart murmur, however it didn’t become a problem until I had a cold that just wouldn’t go away.  My Mom took me to the Dr and that’s when they found out that my heart murmur was big enough to require surgery.  The Rio Grande Valley, where I’m from, didn’t have a hospital that could handle the surgery at the time, so we had to go to Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi, TX for the procedure.  I’m happy to say, I’ve been heart healthy ever since.  🙂
  2. English is my 2nd language – While I was born in the states, my parents were born in Mexico, making me a 1st generation American.  As a result, we spoke Spanish at home and I learned English by watching Captain Kangaroo and the Monkeys, prior to getting into Kindergarten.
  3. I’m one of three kids – I am the middle child.  I have an older brother who has 4 boys and a younger sister who has a boy and a girl.
  4. My family is musically gifted – While the music talent skipped over me, music runs deep on my Mom’s side of the family.  My grandfather used to play the accordion, which he passed onto his son.  My uncle and 3 of his sisters sing as well.  One of my aunts was offered a signed contract to be an actress/singer for Televisa, but she was too young and my grandmother said no.  My accordion playing uncle made it his career and has several Spanish albums under his belt, as does my brother.  My uncle’s son however, has proven to be the most successful, as he went on to become a singer/base player in a Grammy award winning Norteño band.
  5. Education is my life – I consider myself a life long learner and have a love and affinity for providing and supporting educational opportunities.  As a one time migrant farm worker, I know that education is what has allowed me to not only gain a couple of degrees (BA & MS), but it’s allowed me the comfort to accept job opportunities and projects I actually love and want to take on (in blogging, social media and eLearning).
  6. I believe giving back is where it’s at – The great thing about this is that this is something everyone can do.  One of the main reasons that I think we’re put on this earth is not only to be the best we can be, but to be productive members of society.  This is why I not only donate money, gently used clothing and housewares to my favorite charities, but I also donate my time.  Being a Social Media Aficionado and Blogger, I’ve also had the pleasure of being able to use my online presence to bring awareness to various causes, which is empowering and oh so satisfying.
  7. My best friend is now my BF – My now BF (boyfriend) and I had been best friends for over 15 yrs before we decided to truly take it to the next level. The great thing about it is that we’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly – have been there for each other through it all and are excited about all that is to come with our newest adventure.
  8. I don’t have children yet, but I hope to one day – My dream is to be a wife and mother to at least a couple of children.  Until then, my heart is filled by these beautiful fur babies.   😉FamilyTime-yoursassyself.com
  9. I’m a recovering perfectionist – If you’ve followed along, you know this isn’t necessarily a surprise, but it is something that I struggle with on a daily basis.  Having a live in boyfriend and three rambunctious fur babies though, have done wonders in breaking me of my need for perfectionism.
  10. Sweets are my weakness – What can I say?  Food is my number one downfall because I turn to it for comfort from every emotion known to man.  Yes I’m working on it, but all bets are off when it comes to sweets – ice cream, cake and candy – yes please. 😀
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So there you have it, my 10 Things You May Not Know About Me.  😀   I’d love to get to know you better too!

Feel free to comment and share something we may have in common, things we differ on or anything else you’d like.  

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  1. You and my 9 yr old daughter are in the same club; the Zipper Club! She had her surgery at 5 mnths old and WOW I am truly amazed at the talent of these heart doctors. You should watch the movie ‘Gifted Hands’.

  2. Thank you for sharing yourself with us. I am glad that you are healthy ever since your surgery. I have always lived in Virginia and my fave place is Maymont Park. I love the beach and I love to craft. I also love to ride roller coasters.

    • Well hello Shannon and thanks for stopping in and sharing some insight into you as well! I’ve never been but I hear Virginia is beautiful. I’m a huge fan of the beach and roller coasters too!

      • Lol Candy I knew we were kindred spirits! Thanks for sharing!

        My family is from Linares and surrounding ranchitos, mainly Tamaulipas. Yours?

        And he was in Intocable during their hay day, accident, etc, but left a few yrs ago 🙂

  3. Happy Blogiversary!! I’m a middle child too! and I’m 1st generation too! How about that and English was my second language as well. What part of MX is your family from? and how could you not share the Norteño band your cousin won a Grammy with?! I’m #nosey 😉

  4. You sound like the best kind of person to me! The person I would love to have as a friend, at my side in good times and bad. We can enjoy watching a documentary or reading biographies, while eating tons of cupcakes and try our hardest not to pick up the crumbs we leave all over the place! Lots of love to you friend!

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