3 Easy Homemade Treats for Christmas Gifts

3XmasTreats-yoursassyself.comIf you’ve been following along, it’s no big secret that I just recently got into the Christmas spirit.  It just came too soon this year and with work hitting it’s peak at the same time, I just haven’t been in the Christmas spirit.  That is until last week.  Unfortunately, for those who are used to getting yummy Holiday treats from me, I’ve had to become a bit inventive with the short turn around time.  Get ready to see my 3 easy homemade treats for Christmas gifts and let the Holiday Baking Fake-out Extravaganza begin!

With Christmas only hours away at this point, let me begin by sharing my most easiest fake-out baking tip.

1.  Purchase your favorite ready to bake frozen cookie mix(es), add sprinkles, bake (as indicated) and voilà – you have perfectly acceptable Christmas cookies.


I know, I know guilt will lead you to believe that only baked from scratch goods count when gifting such goodies, but remember, it’s the thought that counts.  Also, you are technically baking the frozen cookie mix.  😉  If you still feel like you need to do more then cut your cookies into fun shapes, go all out decorating them and/or personalize how the goodies will be packaged. 😀

Ok, now that you’ve gotten over that initial baking fake-out, here’s my next fake-out yummyness.

2.  Faux Turtles.  You know those turtle shaped chocolates filled with pecans and creamy   caramel?  I generally make them from scratch, but this week at my office Christmas party, I     was reminded that Rolos make a yummy substitution.

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RoloTurtles-yoursassyself.comAll you have to do is:

  • unwrap them,
  • place them on a greased cookie sheet,
  • allow them to sit in a warm oven for a couple of minutes (I turned off my oven after the cooking baking for this),
  • pull them out,
  • place pecans in the center and
  • allow them to harden in the refrigerator and be ready for them to melt in your mouth.












My last easy homemade treat idea actually requires no baking.

3.  It’s my Festive Holiday Popcorn.  I love it because the recipe is adaptable for any taste and   any holiday. You can add to it, remove things or keep it the same.  The options are endless.


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Festive Holiday Popcorn
Festive Holiday Popcorn - This recipe is adaptable for any holiday so feel free to personalize it to fit your every party needs.
  1. Pop the popcorn and remove unpopped kernels.
  2. Place the popcorn in a large bowl and add in the pretzels and M&Ms
  3. Melt the almond bark as indicated on the package
  4. Pour the melted bark over the ingredients and mix everything well
  5. Pour the mix onto wax paper, shake on the sprinkles and allow it to harden
  6. Once hardened, break it up to store accordingly. Enjoy!
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What recipes do you make every year? What is your favorite holiday fake-out treat?

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