5 Super Easy Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo #TheRealCincoDeMayo

5 Ways To Celebrate Cinco De Mayo-yoursassyself.com

First, what is Cinco de Mayo?  

Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Mexican victory over the French on May 5, 1862 at the Battle of Puebla.  While many mistake it as Mexico’s Independence Day, which is actually September 16, it’s not.  But it is a noted victory because it represents our (Mexican) resistance to the invasion of a world power (yes, I’m Mexican-American and I was a history major 😉 ).

Now that you know why, here are 5 Super Easy Ways to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

5 Super Easy Way to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo-yoursassyself.com

Eat Mexican food – whether you make it en casa (at home) or you go out to your favorite neighborhood Mexican restaurant, indulge in some taquitos, carne asada (marinated beef steak), or your favorite dish.

Indulge in a tequila-based cocktail or Mexican beer – this is not a requirement, but it is a nice way to say salud (cheers) to the success of our ancestors on May 5, 1862.  Regardless of whether you choose to indulge in margaritas or some Tecate, Modelo, etc. please do so responsibly.

Put up Mexican-style decorations – sombreros aren’t the be all, end all when it comes to decorations (to tell you the truth, I’ve never owned one in my life and I’m Mexican-American).  Instead choose to decorate with bright, vibrant dinnerware, paper flowers, piñatas, etc. – you get the gist.  😉


Get your kids involved – share with them the history of Cinco de Mayo and have them share in the celebration with these printables.

Put on some Mexican music and dance – I know I’m bias when it comes to this, but dang do we have an eclectic mix of amazing music to move to.  Below is snap shot of our music, including the traditional mariachi music & dancing you may know, with a nice mix of other Mexican tunes for you to get your groove on to. 😀

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FYI – I actually got to interview America Sierra – the female lead in the song (If you want to check it out click on her linked name 😀 )

So now that you know the true reason to celebrate #TheRealCincodeMayo, spread the word and have fun!  

Salud y buen provecho!

(Cheers and enjoy your meal!) 

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  1. Love it! even when we don’t actually celebrate 5 de mayo, is a good day to share about our heritage, food, traditions, music! we have so much to offer! Me encantó el video del Ballet folclórico 🙂

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