5 Things Women Want From Their Partner

5ThingsWomenWant-yoursassyself.comEarlier this week I shared my Top 5 Ways Not to Damage Your Man’s Ego, so I thought it would only be right to share the 5 Things Women Want From Their Partner. Being in a relationship requires work and we need all the help we can get to operate from the level of respect, love and compassion needed from each other.  Although this may not solve all the issues related to men being from Mars and women from Venus, here are my 5 personally proven things that always lead to a happier life with my partner.   😉

Make time for each other.  I know that kids, work and life really, need to come first at times and that’s ok, as long as you secure one on one time with your partner.

As I mentioned in 5 Ways to Show Your Love Well Past Valentine’s Day, my BF and I have made a commitment to give ourselves at least 30 minutes of one on one time on a daily basis and at least one date night a week.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or last hours and hours, but it should be something you do, just the two of you, without cell phones, TVs or other distractions.

Show interest in what your partner says/does and open up.  I know that women tend to want to talk about everything – work, girl friends, family, people on TV, you name it – and we can talk about it for days.  While I realize it sometimes comes off as silliness, could you please indulge us and act interested whether you truly are or aren’t.  Sometimes we just want to be heard…actually I’m not going to lie, we want to be heard every time we speak so please show us some love on this.   😉 And while you’re at it, open back up to us.  We know that sometimes talking about your feelings, stresses, etc. leaves you feeling vulnerable and like that’s not what real men do, but let me break it to you.  A relationship without vulnerability is not a true relationship in our book.  We want to hear about your day and your inner most feelings and be there for you during the good and the bad times.  This is how we connect with those that matter to us. And we promise that we’ll try to do our best not to bother you as soon as you walk into the door, to avoid the one word answers which we hate, but realize that we will ask at some point.

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Help around the house.  Don’t just sit there and pick up your feet as your partner vacuums or walk to the TV room after dinner. Stay and pick up the dinner dishes, take out the trash or offer to take one of her other 20 to do’s off her list.  Actions speak louder than words and many of us feel loved and valued when our partners take time to help around the house.

Reassure her.  Women are always in search of a secure future and while the future isn’t always in our control, it’s nice to know that we’re not in it alone.  Hear her out, let her vent her anxiety and do what you can to reassure her that everything will work out, regardless of whether there’s a solution or not.  I know that men always want to solve problems, but sometimes our worries aren’t tied to things that can be solved all in one swoop. Just be patient with us, check in and offer us your ear please.

Wine and dine her daily. No, you don’t need to take her out for romantic candlelit dinners every day, but you should offer her compliments, along with a steady flow of affection – without expecting an intimate encounter later.  If it’s been a while since you’ve hugged her around the waist as you check on dinner, complimented her dinner choice, or given her a quick neck massage as she’s reading, she may be a little skeptical at first.  As you make it a routine, she’ll realize it’s coming from pure place and intimacy will become that much easier in the long run.

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So tell me, is there anything else I missed?

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