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Rocio Chavez is a bilingual digital content creator, influencer, and positivity maven who lives for inspiring others to live their best life.  As a first generation Mexican-American professional woman, with a passion for life long learning and sharing, Rocio realized (with the help of Oprahisms) that there was power in sharing your story.

So armed with the story of who she was, and the hope of who she wanted to be, Rocio launched Your Sassy Self. Not because she wanted to be saucy, but because she wanted to learn to live a lively, bold life – full of spirit – while sharing the pretty, and not so pretty parts, with her readers. She wanted them to know that they are not alone, and that they too can tackle whatever situation they may be encountering, to live a happy life.

Since it’s launch, Rocio’s not only chronicled her transition from merely existing to LIVING, but she’s also shared an array of information, products, spots, and trends that help toward living your best life. Doing so has allowed her to work with a bevy of wonderful companies like Prudential Financial, General Mills, Big Lots, Johnson & Johnson, and many, many more. Her partnerships and bi-culturally relevant content – as a Mexican-American woman, aunt, furbaby momma, friend & lover of all things positive and uplifting – have allowed Your Sassy Self to grow into a top destination for anyone seeking honest experiences and feedback on anything and everything geared toward living your best life.

If you yearn to be just as happy as the next person, finding happiness in the ordinary vs. waiting for the extraordinary, Rocio invites you to join in on the fun as you continue to explore the beauty of loving and living Your Sassy Self


For partnerships, reader questions and/or editorial inquiries, please contact Rocio at

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