Arthritic Life Hacks

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Yes painful, stiff fingers and hands can make everyday life a struggle, but it doesn’t have to hinder our enjoyment of it.  With May being National Arthritis Month, I decided this would be the perfect time to share some arthritic life hacks passed down from my Mom (who suffers from osteoarthritis), along with a few of the ones I’ve picked up along the way since being diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in 2009.  Check them out and feel free to add some of your own.

Arthritic Life Hacks -

In our tech world, it’s easy to get hand and finger fatigue and pain with all they typing we do on our computers and mobile devices.  However, with talk to type features, you can easily find relief.  I know I always make it a point to out find how to do it, via Google/YouTube, as I replace my old devices with new ones.

Are jars your nemesis?  Consider using a non slip rubber pad, dryer sheet, or damp washcloth to help you grip the lid open.

Rubber pad to open jar - yoursassyself.comDo you struggle carrying in your grocery bags? Skip the plastic bags and go for paper bags, or your own easy grip bag. However, if plastic bags are all you have, then make sure you carry them on your forearms, not your elbows, since they are better equipped to carry weight.

Right way and wrong way to carry bags - yoursassyself.comIs opening bags/packages a struggle?  Then don’t forget to strategically place scissors around the house and in your purse/car, to help you open all bags/packages, etc. whether at home or on the go.

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Scissors cutting open package - yoursassyself.comAnd if you struggle with zippers, consider sliding a key ring, string, or zipper pull onto the zipper to make it easier to open and close, like I’ve done with my suit case.

Key ring on zipper - yoursassyself.comWant relief from the inflammation and pain?  Then consider the following:

  • stay away from sugar, processed foods, red meat, and dairy since they tend to promote inflammation;
  • apply heat to stiff joints in the morning to help relax the muscles around them, and use ice at night to ease daily joint inflammation;
  • incorporate low impact exercises to maintain flexibility;
  • and take Advil, the most doctor recommended OTC pain reliever for joint pain*, as needed

Advil EZ Open - yoursassyself.comDealing with a chronic illness is no joke, but thanks to these arthritic life hacks, the fab information available from the Better Living Toolkit, and the availability of the OTC pain reliever Advil, most everyone in my life has no idea I suffer from arthritis.  If you want to be the same, try these solutions out for yourself and head to your neighborhood Walmart to stock up on Advil EZ Open (which has an EZ open cap perfect for people struggling with arthritis and needing minor relief from the pain of arthritis**).

Advil EZ Open at Walmart -

Here’s to Healthy Living!

What arthritic life hacks or better living tools have you seen used, or do you use in your life?

*Based on a survey of monthly doctor recommendations.
**For minor arthritis pain. Among OTC pain relievers.


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  1. Great tips for conquering everyday with arthritis. Stashing scissors is my favorite. I keep a pair in the kitchen and my purse just in case. #client

    • Thanks Ana, I have scissors everywhere around the house, even in the shed to help, and that zipper pull has made getting in and out of my suit case so much easier. 😀

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