Ana’s Baby Feeding Journey

Babies, how can you not just love everything about them?  I know I do.  Their smell, their noises, the way they feel, and the way they look at you with unconditional love.  While it’s been a while since I’ve had a new niece, nephew or godchild to hold, I’m lucky to have friends to keep the baby train flowing.  Enter my friend Ana, her handsome son Nico (Couldn’t he totally be the new spokesbaby for Gerber?), and their successful baby feeding journey.


First, here’s a little background on these two.  Ana is the epitome of a Mompreneur.  She’s a first-time mom, a Social Media Consultant, and is the Co-Founder of the successful YouTube channel – Joanne’s Web.  Just like every other expecting mother, she prepared as much as she could for Nico’s arrival.  And just like every other first-time mom, she soon realized that things aren’t always what you expect them to be.  But this Mompreneur took everything in stride and instead of stressing out about things not going as planned, she embraced the new simplified formula for happiness, Nico brought into her life. 


See, a baby’s life revolves around eating and sleeping.  And funny enough, a mother’s life revolves around finding time to do the same things. So for the first few months of Nico’s life, Ana honored both, breast feeding little Nico to keep him healthy and strong, while strengthening the unbreakable bond between mother and child.  As he’s gotten bigger however, Nico’s need for eating has increased, while his desire to sleep somehow keeps getting less and less.  Enter their current baby feeding journey, including Gerber® Good Start®.

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While Ana still breast feeds her handsome, growing boy, she realizes he’s ready for a little more.  So Ana has found herself supplementing his meals with Gerber® Good Start®.  She loves that they offer a Staging System, with a range of products for every stage of development, of her growing baby’s needs.  She knows that Gerber not only provides expert-recommended nutrition, but it’s also designed to bring comfort to her little Nico.  And a happy Gerber baby means a happy existence for all.  Don’t you agree?  Plus it’s Non-GMO – Awe-some!

So knowing I was going to see her this week, I decided to pull into my neighborhood Target and purchase some more Gerber® Good Start® for Nico.


As a Gerber baby myself, surrounded by other Gerber feed babies, I know you can never have enough formula on hand.  Man, babies can eat you out of house and home, but don’t fear, I have a fabulous coupon for you.  A $6 off coupon to be exact.  So feel free to click HERE to get yours and please feel free to share it with other baby mommas.  I know they’ll be grateful for it and for the extra peace and comfort Gerber® Good Start® can bring to their home.


Do you have a #HappyGerberBaby?  What’s your #FormulaforHappiness?

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