Be U tiful at Any Age

Yes! Be-U-tiful at Any Age says it all…mainly because I firmly believe that you can’t help but be beautiful and experience the best life has to offer when you just allow yourself to Be U.  Those of you who follow along know that I’ve been on a journey toward finding my true self.  Along this journey the one thing that keeps coming up is that worrying about what others may think about us – our looks, our size, our wealth, etc. – only takes us farther away from our true selves.  However, once we love and accept ourselves just as we are, the world follows suit.  Trust me, I know that loving and accepting ourselves, our lives, etc. changes day by day, minute by minute sometimes, but it really is the only way to live in pure happiness.

Don’t get me wrong though, as time continues to pass me by, I too worry about aging and what it’s doing to my perception of my outer beauty.  The thing we fail to realize is that life will continue to move on whether we’re ready for it to or not.  What we really need to do is quiet that internal dialogue that says – boy you look old, tired; maybe you should look at getting an expensive mask, facial or eek, even a face lift.

Instead of giving in to those inner voices, we should consider backtracking to find where these voice are really coming from.  I know it can be a scary proposition, but when you look you’ll find that most of the answers lie in your past, in what you were told or saw when you were a child.  Once you’re able to pin point the origins, the next big step is to just no dwell on it.  Just acknowledge that it’s a story you no longer have to keep repeating to yourself or to those around you.  Instead you can choose to change the story from one where you’re never good enough, to one where you are good enough to expect and receive the best the world has to offer.
Instead of longing for youth, smoother skin and the energy to take on the world, we need to shift our perspective from one that narrowly says –  youth equals beauty – to a broader definition which stops comparing.  Stop comparing yourself to your younger years and more importantly to those around you.  Instead embrace the fact that we are evolving beyond self criticism and criticism of others, which is a great thing because letting go of criticism brings us closer to our true self and ultimately, to true happiness.

What makes you feel Be-U-tiful?


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    I agree with so much of what you mentioned. Aging is a natural progress in life – why do we make people feel bad of what is perfectly natural!? I think with age and experience should come compassion. Once you’ve been around the block a few times and know how hard life can be sometimes, you should have more empathy towards others. Give compliments and no tackiness!! Aging gracefully shows love for yourself.
    What makes me feel be U tiful? The hugs and smiles my son and husband give me and how great my friends make me feel, just like you did with this post!
    Thanks for sharing Rosie.

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