Become What You Believe – Week 1 Recap

I so believe everything happens for a reason and I’m so happy that Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience, Become What You Believe kicked off last week. Talk about awakening the true self and shaking off some cob webs.  If you have no idea what I’m talking about don’t worry, I’m sharing my insights on all 7 days below.

Day 2 of @oprah & @deepakchopra #becomewhatyoubelieve challenges us to truly evaluate the labels we or others have placed on ourselves, by writing down at least 10-12 labels (age, gender, profession, marital status, race, nationality, etc.) & how they affect our life, career, relationships, etc. Do they make a difference? Are they good or bad? Do any make us feel inferior,  unworthy, undesirable, etc? Deepak says once aware of their impact, we can make a conscious effort to change it because guess what, we are not our labels. They are merely used to type cast us and create generic statistics. Once we release our old beliefs, labels, and the need to fit into a mold or perception of others, we can become whomever we want because – What I believe makes me who I am. #perspective #believe #live #love #whatdoyoubelieve #instagood #instadaily A photo posted by Rocio Chavez (@yoursassyself) on

Day 3 of @oprah & @deepakchopra #becomewhatyoubelieve continues to push us past our fear based limiting beliefs – “I’m not good enough; nothing ever changes, etc.” – toward our true self, which is limitless. Somehow we believe that we’re safer if we’re limited because we feel it’s easier to be challenged by situations than our own expectations and assumptions. But those who rise above know that blanket beliefs such as these are not accurate all of the time. When you allow your true self to be your guide you realize – “You are good enough; things do change, etc.” – you’re open to learn and grow, which leads us to understand that my true self can be trusted to lead me. #perspective #believe #live #love #letgo #change #learn #grow #whatdoyoubelieve #instagood #instadaily

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And living fully in the present is exactly where @deepakchopra says we find our true self on Day 4 of #becomewhatyoubelieve Our true self is that part of us that wants to grow and expand. It’s that part that knows once we believe we are worthy enough and that the universe is for us, not against us, that we will realize our potential and see new possibilities. When our true self is in play we feel safe, are open to new possibilities, and know that every challenge has a solution waiting to be discovered. All we have to do is let go of any past struggle/hurt and quiet the mind to allow our awareness to expand enough to see it. I have to admit, this comes easier to me in certain areas of my life than others (just read today’s post ?), but each day I move closer toward my true self and relish in all the wonderful things that come my way. #perspective #believe #live #letgo #change #learn #grow #whatdoyoubelieve A photo posted by Rocio Chavez (@yoursassyself) on

Day 5 of #becomewhatyoubelieve is about how the power of belief is your strongest alli in dictating your reality. Where you are in your life is a reflection of what you believe to be possible for you in this world. So if it’s not where you’d like it to be, take charge of your beliefs and stop letting your past hurts, labels, and negative self talk guide your life. When you shape your beliefs the universe will dream a bigger dream than you have for yourself. To help, Deepak suggests you not only set goals of where you want to see yourself In 5 yrs, but that you go one step further and also list what your beliefs need to look like in order for those goals to be met. This will prompt you to really look at where you’re selling yourself short and why, which once identified, will lead you toward a more specific/clearer action step to reach the new life you believe you deserve. So hitting home for me, gotta get to work ?…it never ends #perspective #believe #live #letgo #change #learn #grow #instagood #instaquote

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Day 6 of #becomewhatyoubelieve reminds us that the harder we hang on to negative beliefs like – “I can’t do this,  I can’t see how to I can do this” – the more tangled they get in our web of negative beliefs & stored experiences.  But pain and distress aren’t part of the healing process. Living in the moment and being present is the key to opening up possibilities from behind the door of limiting beliefs. It’s here that our essential self is free from the painful past & from others opinions. It’s here that our true life supporting beliefs are made clearer, effortless, and true awareness brings us to the realization that a new door is always awaiting us with new, positive possibilities. So here’s to #livinginthemoment & being open to see all the new doors opening up for us. #live #letgo #embracechange #grow #learn #instaquote #instagood A photo posted by Rocio Chavez (@yoursassyself) on

Day 7 of #becomewhatyoubelieve reminds us that we are already perfect, whole and complete as we are. We need only let go of negativity – fear, anxiety, feeling like we’re alone in the world, etc. – and everything that make us feel separate from our true self, which is centered in mind, body and spirit. When we quiet the mind and instead begin to forge positive reinforcement, we create the path for a personal evolution of body, mind and spirit to come together in resilience and strength vs allowing the separateness of life to lead us down the path of obstacles and problems. Which do you choose? To continue a life filled with fear and resistance or to allow awareness, stillness and the present moment to show you the way to the best life has to offer? As someone who’s been on this journey I’ll admit, it’s hard to let go of old habits and life on autopilot, but when I do and allow myself to truly live in the moment, life always finds a way to show me a life better than I could have ever dreamed for myself. Try it out and let me know what shows up for you. ☺ #liveinthemoment #letgo #livepositive #welcomechange #instadaily #instagood #instaquote #instamood

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And since today kicks of week two I’m going to continue my thoughts on each day via Instagram, so if you’re still not following along, please do as week two promises to take us deeper into embracing the beliefs that empower us and letting go of those that hold us back. And I don’t know about you, but I’m so ready to find a way to let go of fear and past beliefs in all areas of my life.  So join me and share your thoughts so we can find our way together. 

What beliefs do you think you need to shift to allow you to live your best life?

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  1. Just being too hard on myself and blaming myself. Being hard on yourself is no good but when things aren’t going as you planned I cant help but always blame myself a little. Stopping that is something I have to do conciously and remind myself to see it differently rather than feel bad about myself. So these quotes and affirmations really help.
    Great post!

    • Yay, good Liz. We are always the hardest on ourselves and we need to be as gentle as possible. Trying to be perfect and wanting things to work out like we planned them doesn’t mean we’re less than because they didn’t go as planned. It just means that we’re getting there a different way or find a way to a better ending. Takes some getting used to, but so great when we allow it to just flow 😀

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