Become What You Believe – Week 2 Recap

Become What You Believe really kicked it up into high gear this week by solidifying that we all have a choice in how our lives unfold.  It’s not a game of chance.  By embracing our well formed, positive beliefs and allowing them to renew us every day through daily practice and meditation, we break free from our limiting beliefs and create the life we want. It’s pretty empowering I tell ya.  Want to know more about what I’m talking about? Catch up with my week 1 recap here and then check out my insights on the past 7 days below.

Day 8 of #becomewhatyoubelieve says that when we access our deepest beliefs we begin to shift our essential knowing of who we are, to Being our best self. It is here that we see everything with simplicity and clarity because we’ve turned knowledge into power. There is no confusion or compromise, just ease in everything we do. It is here that our essential beliefs are turned into action and we move from the confusion and compromise of – “I want to be intimate as long as I don’t get hurt; I deserve love as long as it doesn’t make me too vulnerable, I want to be of service as long as it doesn’t cost me too much” to “I am loving and lovable; I am worthy; I am safe and trusting; I am fulfilled and whole”. Getting there takes an awareness and connection to the true self, which involves sitting with thoughts of love, self worth, feeling secure and feeling fulfilled. Yes, this shift may cause several thoughts, feelings and sensations to come up trying to convince you otherwise. That just shows you’re still not free of past limitations and conditioning, which Deepak says is ok. Instead he encourages us to just acknowledge them as we continue to look more closely at them this week. I don’t know about you but I’m doubly excited about pushing through that past conditioning to a place where I feel lovable, worthy, safe and fulfilled in every area of my life. #ready #lettinggo #movingforward #livingmybestlife #instaquote #instamood #instagood #instadaily

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Like a mirror, life is always reflecting our truest beliefs back to us. Day 9 of #becomewhatyoubelieve says, if we approach every day as a win/win situation, leaving compromise, limitations and doubt out of our reality, then our day is destined to be filled with love, kindness, affection, appreciation, tolerance, forgiveness and a lightness of being. If however, the reflections we receive from those we interact with are less than positive, that means we need to turn inward again and work on aligning our core beliefs back to our true self, which is centered in the beliefs that “I am loving and lovable; I am worthy; I am safe and trusting; I am fulfilled and whole.” Talk about an action step. I’ve generally approached everyday in gratitude, which has done wonders for me, but I can totally see how adding a win/win mentality to the start of my days will help ensure that I reach dreams larger than I could ever dream for myself, while offering my best true self to those around me. Talk about an aha moment. Love it! #bethechange #changeyourperspective #believe #winwin #positivity #ahamoment #instagood #instaquote #instadaily A photo posted by Rocio Chavez (@yoursassyself) on

Day 10 of #becomewhatyoubelieve deals with acknowledging what feeling worthy looks and feels like. If you feel that you are not taken seriously, disrespected and/or not appreciated, chances are your not feeling worthy. It’s a hard pill to swallow, which is why sometimes, instead of taking a moment to deal with it internally, we decide to react loudly and negatively, trying to prove the other wrong. The truth is however, that at that moment, our ego is the one demanding we flaunt our posessions, status, power and that we argue and defend ourselves until the end of time, which promotes insecurity. Deepak says that because we are worthy at our core, we don’t need to participate in any of this. Instead we need to pause and reconnect with our true self which is quiet, calm, confident, peaceful and trusting. It is here that our self worth genlty expresses itself with a smooth flow of fulfillment, with more power than any reaction ,because once we feel completely worthy, it’s hard for outside forces to push our buttons. It is from this place that we become the creators of our reality, taking responsibility for our beliefs and changing the world around us. Wow, just wow! #loveyourself #letgo #worthit #instaquote #instagood

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Day 11 of Become What you Believe says that when your true self is allowing and trusting, you believe you are never going at it alone. This in turn brings great peace, which propels your destiny and dissolves every obstacle. Pretty cool huh? To get to that place however, Deepak says we need to examine our role in creating obstacles and boundaries via anxiety, self doubt, insecurity, fear, etc. When we spend time fighting against these negative reflections, we end up putting up even more obstacles -UGH For example, if you avoid socializing for fear of rejection and put up walls to keep others away, that does nothing to help release that anxiety because it is still sitting with us behind those walls. However, if we decide to open up to people in a loving, accepting manner, we will get that in return. When we feel safe, open and free from anxiety on the inside, our outer reflections change automatically. Meditation is a great way to get centered, let those walls down, and accept that we are safe and trusting, which allows life to flow more easily. Ahhh, here’s to life flowing a little essier for us all ? #meditation #trueself #safe #trusting #flow #life #centered #instagood A photo posted by Rocio Chavez (@yoursassyself) on

Day 12 of Become What You Believe works on overcoming self-judgment by looking for those things inside that are tied to emotions of being bad, feeling guilty, shameful, embarrassed or like a failure.  It’s these emotions that separate us from the wholeness of our true self and toward resistance and obstacles.  However, if we continue in self-judgment, our energy goes into being anxious about having those week spots exposed, which leads to us feeling divided, depleted and unhappy vs. the harmony and effortless flow that comes from true fulfillment of self.  Deepak says the answer lies in strength of self, which is more than what you feel and far more than what self judgment is trying to make you feel. Instead of allowing it to make us feel weak and small, we need to take that moment to turn it around to a feeling we actually want – generous, accepting, uplifting, free from struggle, etc.. And meditation is a great way to allow stillness in and remind ourselves that self judgment is unnecessary.  So instead of constantly beating ourselves up and always zeroing in on our weaknesses, we need to spend more time celebrating ourselves and embracing who we are and where we are because that’s exactly where we’re meant to be at this very moment. It’s definitely a struggle because being our own harshest critic is a common practice in our society, but we can definitely start a new trend toward being our best champion instead. Here’s to being our own champions ? #instaquote #instagood #champion #strength

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Day 13 of Become What You Believe reminds us that when we choose to live in the moment, detached from old hurt, traumas and memories of a negative past or worries of the future, we move deeper into compassion, and away from the ongoing stream of thoughts inside us. Living in the present renews us without a debt to the past.  It’s a place of non judgment and freedom, filled with kind thoughts, loving feelings, and a sense of worth. And meditation is the path there.  With practice, the old conditioning of the past is diminished, releasing it’s hold on us and allowing in the joy of living in the now. So the next time you feel guilt or shame, remind yourself that’s not who you are, because you are never defined by your thoughts, feelings, or memories. When you embrace the present you embrace the opportunity for a new you. #newyou #letgo #livepositive #welcomechange #instadaily #instagood A photo posted by Rocio Chavez (@yoursassyself) on

Day 14 of Become What You Believe reminds us we always have a choice, and it can take just one moment of awareness, to shift the course of your entire life. How empowering is that? And even more so when we find a way to allow stillness to open up our unlimited power and limitless beliefs toward a life that is truly fulfilling. We are where we are in life because of choices we’ve made. If life hasn’t turned out like we wanted, that may be because there is inner turmoil or confusion within our core belifs, which are what give us purpose and meaning. It’s also the source of personal power, which brings us a sense of satisfaction, fulfillment, and helps us create meaningful change. Every change we desire requires our brain to function in a new way, shifting from negativity and self criticism, to self acceptance – which can permanently transform our life. Its not about putting greater effort to change, but about going deeper into our true selves. As we do this we may sometimes feel stuck, but Deepak asks us to go easy on ourselves and not worry because that’s the natural progression of healing, of which meditation is an integral part. It aids in working through self doubt and confusion by centering the true self. So allow awareness in and let that expanded awareness take care of the rest. ☺ Here’s to #lettinggo and choosing to #liveinthepresent #lifeisachoice #instadaily #instagood

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I don’t know about you, but once I realized how much we let our old hurts, traumas and memories of a negative past or worries of the future interfere with the life we want for ourselves in the present, it becomes that much easier to let go. Don’t get me wrong, being constantly aware is work and sometimes I slip back to old behaviors and responses, but that’s ok. The beauty of it all is that we always have the very next moment to allow awareness back in and continue toward feeling loving, worthy, safe and whole.

What aha moment(s) did you have this week?

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  1. I have been following along on Instagram and absolutley LOVE each post! I think for me it’s about turning my beliefs into actions and relying on inner strength. I struggle with anxiety and perfectionism and so it takes a lot of inner strength especially since I def am hard at myself sometimes! Thanks for sharing each day!

    • I hear you Christina, as a recovering perfectionist, I’ve learned that perfectionism is our shield to avoid or minimize shame, blame or judgement, but it really only protects us from being seen or from allowing ourselves to celebrate where we are vs. where we wish we were, which is mainly based on someone else’s version of perfect, right, good. The one thing I know for sure is that imperfection is the only true universal language because it allows us to be open and vulnerable, which is where the magic happens. Plus I also realized that the world still goes on whether everything’s perfect or not ?Here’s to us finding our way and thanks so much for following along and always being supportive, I appreciate you more than you know. xoxo

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