Fun Birthday Beach Party Ideas For Any Age

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Birthday parties rock, no matter how old you are, but planning one can sometimes feel a little overwhelming.  I’m here to help with these super easy and fun birthday beach party ideas for any age.

Beach Party Ideas - yoursassyself.comWhen you begin planning any birthday you quickly realize that you can’t go anywhere without a proper theme.  For me, the beach theme is a favorite go to because adults and kids alike always seem to have great memories tied to it.  And when I think beach, I think of sun, sand, water, beach gear, and sea creatures.  So that’s exactly what I try to recreate for the party, the catch is that I don’t try to capture it all in the decorations alone.  I try to get creative with it and hit some notes with the decorations, and some with the food and drinks.

Fun Birthday Beach Party Ideas For Any Age - yoursassyself.comFor this particular set up, I was thrilled when I hit my local Big Lots and found the following fun beach themed decor.  Some was in the home section and some was in the outdoor section, but I knew it would all mix and match nicely for the setup I had in mind.

Beach Themed Items from Big Lots - yoursassyself.comNext I headed to the food section to pick up normal party food, which got transformed into the creatures of the sea, thanks to inspiration from a recent beach themed party at my friend’s house. All I needed were pails (buckets/bowls), shovels (serving utensils), sea glass (glassware of varying shapes), a little elbow grease, and these fun beach themed printable labels to make the transition a reality.

Free Beach Themed Printable Labels - yoursassyself.comThe pails got filled up with beach balls (cheese balls),

Beach Balls - yoursassyself.comcrustaceans (pretzels),

Pretzel Crustaceans - yoursassyself.comand fish and chips (self explanatory).

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Fish and Chips - yoursassyself.comThe sea glass got filled with candy, so everyone can decide what they want to add into their goodie bag.

Beach Themed Candy Set up - yoursassyself.comWhile the octopus, flip flops, and ice cream cones required a little elbow grease to create, but not much.

To create the octopus, all you have to do is cut each hot dog in half, lengthwise, leaving at least 2″ at the top for the head. Then repeat again until you have the 8 legs, with the head still intact.

Hotdog to Octopus - yoursassyself.comDrop your cut hot dogs into boiling water (or place in microwave) and cook until heated through.

Boiling Octopus Hotdogs - yoursassyself.comAnd voila, you have an octopus, which you can place in a bed of relish and/or add a face with mustard.

Octopus Hotdogs - yoursassyself.comWatch video below for a quick guide.

For the flip flops, pick your favorite oblong cookie, frosting, and sprinkles. Then take the frosting, create an upside down V on the top of the cookie, and add your favorite sprinkle in the center.

Decorating Flip Flop Cookie - yoursassyself.comAnd just like that it’s done.

Flip Flop Cookies - yoursassyself.comWatch video below for a quick guide.

And nothing hits the spot more on a beach day than something cool, like some lemonade (spiked or regular depending on your guests) and ice cream.

Lemonade Pitcher and Glasses - yoursassyself.comHere you can either choose to fill the ice cream cones with actual ice cream, or make ice cream cone cupcakes. I chose the cupcake option.  For this option, you’ll make your favorite cake mix as usual, fill the cones to about where the rim begins and place them in a muffin tin to bake.

Adding cake mix to ice cream cones - yoursassyself.comBake as directed, cool, frost, and add a few sprinkles to add to the full effect.

Frosting Ice Cream Cupcake - yoursassyself.comAnd you have ice cream cupcakes.

Ice Cream Cupcakes - yoursassyself.comWatch video below for a quick guide.

When you put it all together you can see how the atmosphere is set and your guests, regardless of their age, can easily imagine themselves lounging beach side.  See, just a little creativity and thinking outside the pre-packaged box, and you can transport yourself and your guest to the beach in no time. 

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Fun Birthday Beach Party Ideas For Any Age -

What is your favorite birthday party theme?



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