3 Simple Ways to Blend Technology and Home Decor

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As a digital content creator, designer, influencer, and all around participant in all things now, I definitely love my tech gear and gadgets, but don’t necessarily love the hard lines that come with some of the items.  That’s why I decided to share with you my 3 simple ways to blend technology and home decor, that will help keep it soft and in line with all your stuff.

3 Simple Ways to Blend Technology and Home Decor - yoursassyself.com

Thankfully tech companies have realized the need for softness in their products and now offer everything from headphones, to computers, tablets, and cell accessories, etc. in varying shapes, sizes, and colors.  And Big Lots has pretty much everything you’ll need to not only update your tech accessories, but to update your tech space so that everything looks pretty and put together, without having to do a full renovation.

Big Lots Tech Items - yoursassyself.com

Here are a few things I tend to keep in mind to make my tech and decor blend well.

Color Scheme

As you head out to make your purchases, it’s easy to be distracted by all the pretty colors and cool designs, but you need to remember where the items will be used most and which colors would go better in that environment.  For example, it’s easy to justify hot pink ear buds or head phones because they live on you vs. your space.

Hot Pink Earbuds in front of Dream, Love, Hope Candles - yoursassyself.com

But if you’re looking to add a sound bar or speakers to your living room, hot pink may not be a color that blends well with your space.

Happy Arrow Decor over Sound Bar - yoursassyself.com


Any time I bring in new tech gear or replace old ones, I generally think about what accessories I’d like to mix and match to help the additions blend into my space.  It could be something I already have, or it can be some new fab finds like these candles and wall hangings.

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Desk with laptop and motivating decor - yoursassyself.com

No paint brush or demolition crew needed here.

Natural Elements

Let’s be honest, tech gear and gadgets generally mean we’re spending more time looking at a screen than enjoying the outdoors.  So why not bring the outside in to add life to our tech hubs? I know I love the idea of using wood entertainment centers vs. using faux, metal ones.  I think it just makes the whole look feel a little more homey vs. too techie.

Large Flat Screen TV on Wood Stand - yoursassyself.com

Add flowers or plants to any room and they not only serve as functional, colorful decorations, but they can help purify the air and create a more relaxing feel.  And as someone who is online for multiple hours a day, natural touches like this take me out of the virtual world and make me feel more connected to the real world, which I love. Especially when I’m revamping my vision board on this fab find.

Tablet, plant, candles, vision board wall hanging - yoursassyself.com

See simple and easy, but small touches like this go a long way at allowing us to blend technology into our spaces, without feeling like technology is taking over our spaces.  So head on over to your neighborhood Big Lots to grab these fab tech related gear, decor finds, and/or a myriad of their other great finds.

Happy shopping and blending!

How do you blend technology and home decor?




Rocio Chavez
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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips! This can be a hard thing to accomplish because technology doesn’t really serve as decorative or “homey.” Also, I agree that it is difficult to avoid the bright colors as well!

  2. Hi Rocio, Wow! It’s an amazing blog ever. It’s creative idea to blend technology with home decoration. At home many gadgets are out dated or waste, using these ideas we can utilize them in a proper way with home decoration. Thank you so much for sharing these ideas.

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