How Do You Grieve When the One Your Grieving is Still Alive?

That is the question that three people close to me are asking themselves and me, as they seek to understand and get through the grieving process.  Two of the three are dealing with a parent who has Alzheimer’s Disease, while the other is dealing with a father who’s been told his cancer has progressed too far

Weekend Wrap-up

It’s amazing how jammed packed our weekends get as we get older, but they do.  This past weekend was no exception, which is why a weekend wrap-up was in order. 😉  My weekend started off with my friend Melanie’s “Getting Wiggy with it” Birthday party.  Unfortunately I was the one stick in the mud of

Coming out of my family coma

My familia was in town for 4 days – July 4th through July 7th. We started off our July 4th at Woodlawn Lake’s parade, …. …carnival… …and ended it downtown at Hemisphere Plaza for fireworks. The following days consisted of taking them to the San Antonio Zoo, taking them to see a “mad” scientist show,

Girls night out!

Ok, I must confess, since I’m a single girl, I get to have girl’s night out most every weekend 🙂  Just kind of becomes another night for me, but with the release of Magic Mike this past weekend, it seems that all I heard from my various set of friends, was a planned girls night

Reunion 2012 Complete :)

The Sanchez 2012 Reunion is now a thing of the past.  We made it another year and were able to get together without much drama 🙂 We heard about new illnesses, new accomplishments, great stories about the family and new adventures, which my niece, Aissa, who is about to be 17 years old topped by

Voting is More Than Choosing the Next American Idol

I know we’re just in the Primary portion of this election year, but I’m really getting pumped up about making sure my voice counts and that my views and rights are protected by our elected government officials.  This hopefully, no matter what party or candidate(s) you back, should be the view of everyone eligible to