Detoxify Your Life via the Chopra Center’s Awaken to Happiness Series

This week’s Chopra Center series is all about helping to detoxify your life by letting go of everything negative and choosing to live in the moment. Why?  Simply put, because not living as your true, authentic self takes so much time and energy away from living your best life – and who wouldn’t want to be living their best

Discover Authentic Self-Esteem via the Chopra Center’s Awaken to Happiness Series

As has been my great fortune since trying to find how to stay living in the moment, this week’s Chopra Center teaching comes to me at the most opportune time.   😀   Since becoming recently single, I’ve had my moments of wallowing in a pitty party instead of living in the moment, in love

Tune into Your Body’s Wisdom via the Chopra Center’s Awaken to Happiness Series

According to this weeks’ guide to happiness from the Chopra Center, because our mind can be easily distracted by the past and the future, our body, which only knows how to live in the moment (present), is our best vehicle toward happiness…who knew?

Identifying Your True Source of Happiness via the Chopra Center’s Awaken to Happiness Series

What can I say, I love anything and everything that the Chopra Center offers to help expand my awareness, especially when it’s free. 😉  The Awaken to Happiness (8 week) series was actually something I had signed up for earlier this summer, but because I had also started listening to the Hay House Summit series, I let

Oprah and Brene Brown Answered My Question

Yes! Oprah and Brene Brown answered MY question!!! If you follow along you know how much Dr. Brown, and all things Oprah, have helped me in my self improvement journey.  That’s why it was such an amazing experience! To say that I was beside myself when Oprah referenced my tweet to Dr. Brown during the

Final Week – Miraculous Relationships (21-Day Meditation Challenge™)

The Oprah and Deepak Chopra 21-Day Meditation Challenge on Miraculous Relationships just ended and I feel like my eyes and heart just kept growing and continue to be opened up to many wonders.  Here are a few of the wonderful centering thoughts and insights gained this last week about love and relationships. 😀