Champurrado – Thick Mexican Hot Chocolate – Made Easy

Champurrado – Thick Mexican Hot Chocolate – Made Easy

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Champurrado, for those who may not be familiar with it, is a traditional thick Mexican hot chocolate, meant to be sipped to keep us warm through out the cold winter months.

Champurrado – Thick Mexican Hot Chocolate -

Traditionally, this festive treat is made by dissolving Mexican chocolate, piloncillo and cinnamon in a thick, smooth mixture of corn flour, milk and water. However I’m not the biggest fan of adding corn flour and piloncillo to my version, so I decided to instead use my family’s atole de migas recipe as the masa basis for this super easy and equally tasty champurrado.

Champurrado - thick Mexican hot chocolate -

The best part is that this recipe only takes 5 ingredients and about 30 minutes to make so you can easily warm up to a nice, steaming cup of it tonight! Here’s what you’ll need.

Champurrado Ingredients -


8 white corn tortillas
2 cups water
1 qt milk
1/2 cup sugar
Mexican chocolate (Popular or Abuelita)


Begin by chopping your tortillas and Mexican chocolate (at least 4 oz, but can add in as much as you’d like).  I like to see small pieces of the corn tortillas in my version, so I take the tortillas and cut them into smallish pieces.  (If however you want a smoother mix, feel feel to cut the tortillas and pulse them in the food processor to get them to a flour consistency.)

Chopping Ingredients for Champurrado -

Then add the water and sugar into a large saucepan, over medium high heat, and stir until the sugar has dissolved.

Adding sugar to water -

Once dissolved, add in your tortilla pieces (flour) and the milk.

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Adding tortillas and milk to champurrado -

Stir consistently until it comes to a boil, then turn it down to a medium heat, and stir until it’s thickened to the desired consistency.

Atole -

Reduce heat to low or turn off completely, add in the finely chopped Mexican chocolate (or your favorite hot chocolate powder) and stir/whisk until it is completely dissolved.

Adding chocolate to champurrado -

Serve immediately and sprinkle with ground cinnamon, if desired.

Champurrado with Bauducco Wafers -

Here’s a quick step by step video to help you out.

Traditionally champurrado is served in the morning or as a merienda (a late afternoon snack) with galletas (cookies) like these Triple Chocolate Bauducco wafers from Big Lots, pan dulce (sweet bread) or tamales.  Whether you drink it as is or serve it with yummy treats like the various variety from Bauducco, it’s bound to bring smiles and warm tummies to those who drink it.  So as you get ready to host family and friends this Holiday, consider serving this yummy treat and don’t forget to head out to Big Lots for all your Holiday decor, eats and treats that are sure to wow your guests.

What’s your favorite family treat to keep you warm this Holiday season?

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