Comfort Zone vs. the Magic Zone

Last week I shared this YouTube video, which my good friend Lynda of Hit the Road Jane fame shared with me.

Lynda knows that I’ve been on this journey to find a way to make living in the moment a way of life and knows the struggles I’ve had staying there.  This video very accurately explains those struggles by walking us through how the Comfort Zone, the Learning Zone and the Magic Zone  work together in getting us closer to our dream(s) – which Inknowation states should come with a definite deadline, and clear steps to achieve.

...caught up and started planning next year's reunion.
Family and Friends are a big part of our Comfort Zone

What is the Comfort Zone?  Well according to this Inknowation production it’s a metaphor for the environment we find ourselves in day in and day out.  It’s familiar to us and is filled with things we can control, like our habits, routines, attitudes, behavior etc.  No need to define this further though, I think we all know what our comfort zones are. 🙂

Inknowation says that around our comfort zone is our learning zone, which is where we observe, experiment and compare, learn and enjoy.   You’re either passionate about this zone and you gravitate to it often or the mere thought of it takes you to your panic zone or no experience zone as they call it, which is where you get scared and wonder – What if something goes wrong?

Me ,10,000+ ft up, at the top of Sandia Mountain
Me ,10,000+ ft up, at the top of Sandia Mountain

I myself love the learning zone.  Although I may not always visit the learning zone, I know that when I do I generally leave revitalized and ready to take on the world. 🙂  Inknowation says that this is the general feeling for those who instead of thinking about what could go wrong, say – What if I get it right?  Those who believe that are now in the magic zone – where wonderful things can happen.

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I’ve made it there many times and a lot more times since making  living in the moment a way of life.  Unfortunately, according to Inknowation, just because you’ve made it to this zone that does not mean that you’ve left your comfort zone for life.  It merely means that you are open to change and developing another other side of you that is not afraid to lose what you have or who you are.

This is where emotional and creative tension begin, where one is trying to help you grow, while the other one is trying to pull you back to your comfort zone.  To help balance this tug of war, Inknowation suggests you deal with it by acknowledging that this pull is taking place, but trusting and believing in yourself enough to where you are the one truly making the decision(s), rather than letting your fears decide things for you.  The video points out that whatever we don’t decide for ourselves, others (fear) will decide for us – but by properly managing our fears, our self esteem will grow and we’ll be able to realize our dreams.  Inknowation acknowledges that leaving behind our comfort zone leaves us feeling vulnerable, but it’s ok, we’re human.  It’s not about completely shutting ourselves off from our comfort zone, but more about trying to find the balance so that we can return to any of the zones at any given time, for the positives they offer us, so that we can continue to be confident in our strategies to make our dreams come true – daring to dream.

Have you found your magic zone?  What brings you back to your comfort zone?

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  1. Coming over from the SA Bloggers FB Group! This video was just what I needed to see this morning. I am standing on the edge, wanting so bad to jump into something new and exciting. Just have to figure out what it is! But I will go for it 🙂 Welcome to the group!

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