Creating a Self-Care Sanctuary at Home

This post was sponsored by Lone Star Living. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Self-care is about more than just getting the occasional mani-pedi. It’s about staying connected to what your mind, body and spirit need to keep you positive, balanced, happy and healthy. So why not start by creating a self-care sanctuary at home.

Creating a Self-Care Sanctuary at Home -

Setting up Your Wellness Oasis

I realize that life has a way of getting us off track, but trust me. Taking the time to create your own wellness retreat is totally worth it and easier than you think.  Ideally I’d say start by picking a space that’s not only away from all the noise, but is clean and clutter free. Nothing ruins the zen of an oasis like seeing all the things that need to be tidied up.

Self-care Sanctuary -

It would be best if it could be a permanent spot, but a temporary one that can move as needed is ok too. Just make sure that everyone in your house knows about it and is willing to honor the space and your time in it. Once the boundaries have been set and agreed upon, it’s time to decorate with things that make you feel good.

Self-Care Sanctuary Your Way

Yes, your way. There really is no right or wrong way to create your sanctuary. It’s about making it a spot where you feel complete, comfortable, and at peace with yourself and the world.  If exercising, crafting, catching up on your favorite shows, or sipping on your favorite beverage as you read a book helps, then set up your space accordingly.

Reading and Enjoying Wine -

Set the mood. Surround yourself with pictures, art, books, your favorite music, essential oils, comfy pillows, robes, slippers, and/or anything else that brings a smile to your face and inspires you.  Add in your favorite bouquet of flowers and allow the beauty to envelope you. Maybe open your blinds to allow the natural light in, or close them and allow candles to light your way.  The key is to keep it easy, comfortable, and as stress free as possible.

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Lone Star Living Bouquet adding to self-care sanctuary -

Thankfully services like H-E-B Curbside can help in making life easier. You can now not only find everything you need to restock your pantry and fridge online, but you can even find items for your self-care sanctuary, like a fresh Lone Star Living Bouquet.

Placing HEB Curbside order of Lone Star Living Bouquet -

Just make your selections, schedule the pickup, and an associate will bring them to your car. Easy breezy.

HEB Curbside includes Lone Star Living Bouquets -

My Self-Care Sanctuary

Personally I’ve chosen the bedroom as my self-care sanctuary.  I love waking up to the sight of a fresh Lone Star Living bouquet and the sun peeking through the window.  It automatically brings a smile to my face and starts my day on the right path.

Lone Star Living Bouquet adds to Bedroom Oasis -

I then allow myself a few minutes in bed to meditate and list at least 3 things I have to be grateful for. Then I follow that up with the 3 things I can do that day to bring me closer to reaching whatever goal I’ve set for myself.  This allows me time to create a positive mindset and focus my day’s intentions toward something I want to achieve; vs. reaching for my phone and having my day set by others priorities.  I promise, if you do nothing else but gift yourself at least 5 minutes to do this each morning, your life, and everyone in it, will be better for it.

Where will you be displaying your Lone Star Living bouquet and creating your self-care sanctuary at home?

Lone Star Living August bouquet -

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  1. That’s such a pretty bouquet! I love fresh flowers. I’d have to put it on my dining table where I can see it all day long. It’s an instant pick-me-up.

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