From Pumpkin Picking to Awareness of Self

LovePumpkinSeason-yoursassyself.comI am not sure about you, but the beginning of Fall (Pumpkin Season 😉 ) seems to be the new place for the rebirth of self.  I know I myself jumped onto the awareness of self train around this time last year and haven’t stopped since.  As I looked around this weekend and listened in on and participated in several hard hitting conversations, I realized that there are a lot of us who are “waking up” from life in our comfort zone, in search of the adventures in the learning zone.   And it’s no wonder since the learning zone is where dreams come true, and who doesn’t want that to happen?   😀

After a great weekend, it was nice to wake up this morning to Day 1 of Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Experience, Desire and Destiny.  It too is about reminding us that we are all meant to live happy, fulfilling lives – the stuff dreams are made of.  Our sole role in the journey is to allow love and gratitude to surround everything we contribute to the world and ourselves on a daily basis.  It’s about consciously making the choice to live happy lives.  Once we can live life like this on the daily, everything else will fall in place and we’ll be able to manifest our dreams into reality.



What dream(s) will you manifest for yourself through love and gratitude?

Rocio Chavez
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