Finding Your Flow – Finding Happiness & Power (Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience™)

The next couple of days of the 21-day meditation experience are about tapping into what we have within each and every one of us.  Day 2 is about finding happiness by “…accessing the source of joy inside, (which when accessed) we access a sense of happiness that doesn’t vary with the ups and downs of everyday life.”


How lovely is it to know that regardless of how your day, week, month, year, life is going, happiness is always there because we are “…the source of unlimited happiness.”  I always heard, but never believed that happiness came from within, but as I’ve begun working on myself and trying to be just as happy as the next person, I’ve found that there is no truer statement.  Finding happiness and joy in life is all about changing your perspective on everything that comes your way.  The easiest way that I’ve been able to do this is by creating a gratitude list that I can easily review when things aren’t going how I’d like and/or I’m dealing with sadness, frustration, etc.  And what do you know, it works. 😀

Once you’ve been able to make this connection, you’re more open to tap into the “…universal power (which) is always there to support us.”  And this is what day 3 of the 21-day meditation experience is all about.  Once we’re open to having our flow connect to that of universal power, we “…can transform our outlook from one of fear and doubt into an easy confidence and strength as we let our life flow with the almighty force of nature.”

Let Life

Wow, I so needed to hear this to begin to do everything in my power to transform my fears and doubts into the confidence and strength within.  That’s the thing about living in fear, it limits and blocks you from receiving all that the universe has to offer, which goes against the natural flow, and I definitely don’t want to do that.

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It’s crazy, everything we ever want out of life is in our hands and available to us whenever we want it, if we just were aware enough to get out of our own way and stay out of it.  Here’s to continuing the journey to getting the heck out of our way and forever moving away from fear.

What fear(s) is/are keeping you from reaching all that you’ve ever wanted? 


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