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As you may have seen from my post Ayurveda Says I’m Kapha, What Are You?, I am turning to Ayurveda to help me win my battle in finding a way to balance my food intake so I no longer have major shifts in my weight.  Following Chopra’s Kapha-Balancing Nutritional Guidelines however has caused some inner turmoil – you’ll see why below.

According to recommendations under Chopra’s Kapha-Balancing Nutritional Guidelines (feel free to click on the link to get all the dets on the actual recommendations – below you’ll find some of my current interpretations) 😉 :

  • IMAG0608I have had no problems:
    • reducing my dairy intake
    • buying honey to use as my sweetener of choice
    • keeping beans as a staple (pretty easy to do for this Mexican chica 😉 )
    • favoring pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds (one of my favs),
    • favoring corn and rye
    • sticking to fresh, organic white meat chicken, turkey, eggs, and seafood – easy peasy

However, the following diet recommendations have not been as easy for me to follow.

  • While I have begun drinking ginger tea (recipe) with meals, it’s not hot as prescribed since I gag anytime I attempt to drink hot liquids, but I am drinking it 😉
  • I also can’t seem to commit to doing a liquid fast one day per week, which requires drinking only fresh veggie and/or fruit juices, and pureed vegetable soup.  I have gone as far as making my very own vegetable soup, but this girl needs to chew something for the mind to register I’ve eaten something, so for now, I will try to embark on eating only fruits and veggies once a week. 😀
  • healthy foodReducing tomatoes and heavier fruits like avocados…Houston, we have a problem.  I love avocados and tomatoes! I eat tomatoes at least three times a week and avocados at least once a weak…these may stay on the menu 😉
  • Use all spices except salt.  No salt?  OMG.  While I don’t oversalt, I do add salt to almost everything I cook.  I’ve already made the shift to sea salt to make a better salt choice and not have to use as much salt…does that count?
  • Eat your largest meal at lunchtime and a smaller meal at dinnertime. I grew up with dinner being our largest meal and while I’ve heard this since I heard the word diet, I struggle in getting my appetite time table to switch to fit this requirement.  Sorry ’bout ya lunchtime. 😛 (at least for now)
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As with everything new, it is a process and I may or may not make the total shift, but I think baby steps, combined with awareness, will win this race.  🙂

What are your favorite foods that you couldn’t see living without?   Would you consider a reduction in those foods to help bring balance to your health?

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