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UpcycledChristmasTrees-yoursassyself.comMagXmasTrees-yoursassyself.comI don’t know about you but this is the first year I really feel like the Holidays are taking over.  I know that each year retailers seem to bring out Holiday decorations earlier and earlier, but with a combination of being on the Holiday committee at work, I’ve had Holiday decoration on the brain.  Since our office party budget has dwindled, we’ve had to brain storm budget friendly decoration ideas.  Up popped the upcycled Christmas tree idea, which we adapted from the Martha Stewart show.

If you have any magazines laying around that you wouldn’t mind converting into Holiday decor, then this is the craft for you and/or your kids.

  1. Start by removing all cardboard ads from the magazine (perfume ads, renewal cards, etc.)
  2. Next, break the magazine’s spine by opening it to the middle and pressing the spine up and down until it lies flat
  3. Now take the top right corner of a page and fold it down, making a 90º triangle
  4. Fold that triangle in half (as if making a paper airplane)
  5. Now fold the bottom of the triangle up so that all the pages are flush with the original magazine shape. If you have time and want to be fancy, you can tuck this fold in vs. out, but you really can’t tell the difference in my book.  😉
  6. Continue to make this series of folds until you’ve folded every magazine page
  7. Now you’re ready to stand up your upcycled Christmas tree. 

Below you’ll find a quick video to show these steps in real time.

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Once you have your creation, it’s up to you to decide if you want to leave your tree as is or add your own glitter and shine to showcase your personality. (Click here for ideas

No real decisions have been made on what we’ll do with all our trees yet, but we do know that this fun, easy craft is saving our bottom line so that we can spend on other Holiday fun for our party.

How will you showcase your upcycled Christmas trees?

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