Dog Park Dos and Don’ts

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Dogs are amazing, but they’re also a lot of responsibility. From finding them the right food, to the proper vet care, to making sure they get enough exercise and socialization. They’re a part of the familia and deserve the best.  To help, here are a few great allies that have worked for us, including some simple dog park dos and don’ts.


Of course no adventure can begin without a great meal, filled with real quality ingredients.  At least that’s what mi mama (my mom) used to say to us when we were niños (kids).


That’s why I turn to Beneful Originals with Real Chicken to I fuel my perro’s (dog’s) appetite for life.  It features no added sugar and meat as the #1 ingredient.  That’s everything he needs to keep him big and strong, ready to explore the world with me.


And one of our favorite spots is our local dog park.  It’s a great place for both of us to get some ejercicio (exercise), breathe in some fresh air, and socialize with everything and everyone around us.


However just like every other social setting, there are some reglas (rules) that we need to adhere to for a pleasurable experience for us and everyone there. Here are some Dog Park Dos and Don’ts to help.


Do look up and read the dog park rules,
Don’t think that your house rules will also be allowed in a public dog park.

Como decia mi mama, los buenos modales y la buena educación son dos factores claves a la hora de compartir un espacio con otras personas.

Like my mom used to say, good manners and a good education are two key factors when sharing a space with other people.  Knowing the rules of a dog park are no different.   They often include the age and number of dogs allowed per person, vaccination and licensing requirements, etc.


Do leash your dog upon exiting your car and walk him/her prior to entering the dog park.
Don’t allow a pulling, hyper dog to enter the dog park.

I know it’s tempting to see the dog park as the place your dog goes to exercise first, socializar segundo (socialize second).  The truth is though that dog parks are meant for socializing first, with exercise just being a side bonus.  So if your dog is overly excited and pulling you toward the dog park as soon as you get off your car, you need to walk him/her for as long as it takes for him/her to calm down and stop pulling.  This is the face and demeanor you should aim for.

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Do enter as a calm and happy pet owner, with a perro feliz, sano, tranquilo (happy, healthy, calm dog) that at least responds to his/her name, come, sit, off or leave it.
Don’t bring dogs that have been sick in the last 48 hrs, have behavioral problems, or have too much nervous/excited energy because they can easily have the pack turn on them and no one wants that.


Si supervisa el comportamiento y las interacciones de tu perro,
(Do supervise your dog’s behavior and interactions,)
Don’t just plop yourself down on the nearest bench and get on your phone or read your book.

Get out there, socialize and move with your doggie.  Walk around with him/her and keep and eye out for any aggressive, territorial vibes so you can nip them in the bud.  See what kind of play he/she prefers and make sure you properly clean up after them.


Do cover your car seat, bring extra towels, and come equipped with a water bowl, water, and waste bags.
Don’t walk in with nice clothes, a freshly groomed dog, food, treats, or your dog’s favorite toys.

Yes dog parks generally tend to have water and waste bags on hand, however you never want to get caught con la guardia baja (off guard) if the water’s been turned off or if the waste bags have not been replenished.  So bring your own and be prepared to see your doggie covered in mud, leaves, twigs, and dog slobber.  That’s just part of the socialization fun, and why extra towels are encouraged, while nice clothes and freshly groomed dogs are not.  That’s also why you want to keep food, treats, and your dog’s favorite toys at home or in your car.  You don’t want to start an avoidable scuffle.


Most important of course is to stay in tune with your dog’s needs.  So if he/she gets uncomfortable, nervous, or is ready to leave, honor that need.  Remember in the end, it’s all about making sure your doggie, like you, has a good time and doesn’t loose his/her apetito por la vida (appetite for life), or the dog park.  So keep feeding that appetite and head out to your local Target to grab a bag of your favorite Beneful Originals – which is  filled with real quality ingredients, no added sugar, and meat as the #1 ingredient – to keep your doggie ready for all of las aventuras de la vida (life’s adventures).

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Saludos a un día increíble en el parque!  Cheers to an amazing day at the park!

Which Beneful Originals does your dog prefer and what dog park dos and don’ts can you add to the list?


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