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Kudos to those of you that have mastered the meditation process and can meditate for 30 minutes or longer each day.  As much as I’ve tried, that’s just not me.  However, thanks to Eckhart Tolle’s breakdown of easy mini meditation techniques, I know that what I have been able to do is just as valuable.

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See, what I have been able to accomplish is allowing breathing meditations to bring me back to awareness, which ultimately keeps me from either reliving the past and/or worrying about the future.  It’s when I can stay in the present that I am able to let go of my thoughts and embrace, with gratitude, what I have the opportunity to experience in the present.

And guess what?  Eckhart Tolle agrees.  According to his talk during the Hay House World Summit, he understands that traditional meditation techniques are not for everyone, but does believe in bringing awareness to the here and now.  It’s because of this that he encourages mini meditations instead.

Eckhart Tolle on Mini Meditations - yoursassyself.com

And it can be as easy as allowing ourselves 10-15 seconds. to bring awareness to our breath.  Instead of allowing our body to subconsciously do it for us, it’s about being able to consciously observe the process of taking a breath and how it flows into your body, including all the sensations you feel as it exits the body.  When you experience that sense, you’re truly experiencing what it is to be alive.  And while yes your mind might try to tell you it’s silly to focus on something your body automatically does anyway, that’s not true.

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Eckhart Tolle on Awareness - yoursassyself.com

So as you continue through life doing all your habitual things – from breathing, to bathing, to brushing your teeth, washing your hands, driving to work, etc., take time to actually experience each for 15-30 seconds.  Feel the water and/or soap on your hands, use your senses to experience the sights, sounds and smells of what’s going on around you.   Don’t allow the stress of needing to move on to the next thing keep you from doing this –

rather be and then continue doing.  – Eckhart Tolle – Hay House World Summit.

When we allow space in our consciousness for awareness, we move toward quieting the mind and our thoughts. As we allow ourselves to shift our attention to our body, our senses and to the beauty of living, we begin to sink into the empathy and goodwill that emerges from consciousness.  This is what connects us and allows us to realize we’re only different on the surface and not at the core of our being, which is a pretty great place to be.

What mini meditations help you get through your day?

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    • Prayer is definitely a part of my day, but living in the moment through meditation has taken it all a step further & made all the difference in the world because it allows me to see that prayers get answered. They may not always get answered the way we envision, but if we allow inner silence it’s easier to see them being answered all around us. 🙂 As always, thanks for stopping in & sharing love.

  1. I really like this idea. A 30-minute meditation session is pretty intimidating for people who have never meditated. I like the suggestion on taking 30 extra seconds to wash your hands, for example, and focus on your senses to really feel the experience and give yourself a mini meditation. Im sure it helps in gradually working up to longer meditation sessions.

    • it totally can Liz, but if it doesn’t that’s ok too, that’s the beauty of it all. As long as we can connect to the present moment a few seconds a day, we’re totally ahead of the game and on the right track 😆

  2. Mini meditations boost focus and calm your mind throughout the day. It can remove stress and replace it with a dose of inner peace. It is one of the best tools we have to balance our emotions, deal with physical and psychological distress and promote the peace of the present moment.

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