End of Oprah and Deepak’s 21 Day Meditation Experience™ – Finding Your Flow

Thanks for joining me as I recapped Oprah and Deepak’s 21day meditation experience™- Finding Your Flow.   Their newest endeavor is titled Expanding Your Happiness, it’s free and is scheduled to launch August 11, 2014.  I will be following this free 21day meditation experience, as it happens, on my Facebook page.  Please register for yourself, join me and follow along as we do our best to become centered and happier.  😀


True happiness is what it’s all about because according to our last days of Finding Your Flow, once you do, ¨…we become a beacon for others to do the same. As we practice sustaining our connection to this infinite source of inner joy we access the uplifting support of happiness no matter what may be happening around us.¨  Here’s the secret – life is a choice, so why not ¨…say yes to happiness…¨ at every turn.

¨When we harness our true inner strength, we nourish everything we touch in a balanced way, becoming a strong conduit…¨ to allow ¨…spiritual power to flow through us to support and benefit others.¨

¨It is through this current of energy that we are able to receive and celebrate the specialness of our role in the universe with ourselves and others. Communicating your life and presence to the world is a gift. No one else can be who you are. No one else can fulfill your role in life. Creation requires you to come forward to be and share your true self. When you do, you encourage everyone else to shine forth in their full glory as well.¨

If you’re a nurturer at heart, then this should resonate with you and be the catalyst to get you to stop wanting more for others than you do for yourself.  You too are worthy of all the best the world has to offer and you should be celebrating your unique gifts to bring out the best in those you want the best for.

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¨In nourishing a connection to your essential self, your wisdom will naturally flow from you like water flowing down a hill. True wisdom is seeing what needs to be done and then acting on your inner knowing.  The impetus for action…¨—leads toward ¨…its fulfillment.¨ 


As you spread ¨…the light of your inner awakening to every being in the universe, you’re gently calling them to awaken as well.  As you connect with your True Self, peace radiates from you as naturally as light from the sun, adding to the harmony of the world.¨

It’s funny, but as soon as I become aware of the negative/self defeating emotions I may be harboring and radiating to others and choose to project happiness and gratitude instead, everyone I run into tends to mimic the same emotions back at me.  I receive compliments, smiles and overall good vibes, where before I may have not gotten anything or worse, gotten my negativity projected back at me.  Try this experiment for yourself and see what you notice.  I promise, it’s mind blowing.  😀

wpid-wp-1406059395652.pngHow do you share your light with those around you?

Rocio Chavez
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  1. I have never really thought about how I share my light. … I am always cheering on my fam & friends. Reassuring them that they can do whatever it is that they are trying to do. I always do my best to put a positive spin on everything. My hubbie of 31 years tells me that I exude calm to those around me and that my spirit shines through my eyes and basks those I am around. I dont know about all that but it is an awesome compliment.

  2. You are always an inspiration & so positive! I always look forward to your posts! I have shared and I look forward to sharing more.
    Lots of love to you,

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