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I recently attended our annual mini family reunion which we hold in honor of my maternal grandparents.  We do it not only to honor their memory, but to bring the family together and keep the bond we had when we gathered every weekend at my grandparent’s house.

The reunion takes place yearly at my parent’s house and it’s filled with lots of food, fun and laughter.  The kids generally entertain themselves by running around the back yard, while the grown ups take time to catch up and do what we do best – have fun, dance and sing the day away. 🙂

My Mom’s side of the family is filled with movers and shakers, singers and musicians.  As in many families, music is the soundtrack of our lives and our yearly reunions are no different.  Thankfully this time around I was able to put my new GS3 phone with service, which Cricket so kindly provided to me, to great use.  It not only allowed me to take some great pics, but after learning that I could get access to Muve Music by updating my newly gifted phone (Settings – About Device – Software Update), I busted out my portable speakers, attached my Cricket GS3 to them, turned on Cricket’s Muve Music and allowed it, and my Aunt’s always present karaoke machine, to be our DJ for the day.  No matter what song was requested, in either English or Spanish, Cricket’s Muve Music was able to find exactly what we needed. 🙂

All my older family members, who aren’t that digitally savy, kept asking how it was that I could access so many songs on my phone and I explained to them that through Cricket’s Muve Music I was able to access all the songs they were enjoying, by searching the Muve Music library.  Everyone was surprised, especially my Mom.  See, she’s been with Cricket for years, but since she’s just now getting used to voicemail and texting (slight generational gap 😉 ), she didn’t realize that if she upgraded to a smartphone she could also access the same Muve Music library, without having to spend so much to do so – #MasParaMi .   Trust me, I thought she was going to end up snagging my new GS3 phone, but she didn’t…whew 😀

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family reunion.jpgWe laughed, had a great time and surprisingly, during one of our “round table” discussions, we took on the topic of living in the moment.  It came as a complete surprise to me that my Mom, my Aunts and my Uncles all were in agreement that living in the moment is the way to live life.  Not worrying about what happened yesterday, what will happen tomorrow or who we should be mad at or hold a grudge against.

For whatever reason, as we get older, we tend to forget about the joy and ease that comes with living in the moment.  Instead we trade it in for worry, guilt and the need to be right while making someone else wrong.  Why we are drawn to those negative emotions I still haven’t figured out, but I am definitely trying my best to move away from them and find the joy and ease that comes with living in the moment.

Since living in the moment is a goal I try to meet on a daily/hourly basis, I was taken back that my family had come to the same conclusion.  Don’t get me wrong, it was like a 10 minute discussion and not a deep spiritual awakening, but at least living in the moment found its way into our mini family reunion. 🙂

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What joys and ease have you found when you take time to live in the moment?  Why do you think it’s a struggle to stay there?

Disclosure:  I was not compensated for this post but Cricket provided the GS3 phone with service for review.  However, all views and opinions expressed are strictly my own.

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