Fashion, Inspiration & Achieving Dreams via Fashion Week San Antonio 2014

Last night I was fortunate enough to have attended the MODA NEXT Showcase of Fashion Week San Antonio 2014, where young designers showcased some of the best we have to offer. Below is a breakdown of our local talent and their fashions.  Enjoy!

Fashion Week San Antonio

Joey Ramirez, Jose Ramirez  – Became a fashion designer after seeing the work of the late, great Alexander McQueen and presented a collection inspired by American Horror Story, Stevie Nicks & the whole witch vibe.   His looks were polished and wearable, which I love.  Here are some my favorite picks.

Joey Ramirez Black

Joey Ramirez White Pant

Joey Ramirez Black Dress

Christian Alonzo, ’91 Authentic – Became a fashion designer in his search of clothes to help him stand out in the DJ world.  So it’s no surprise his collection was inspired by music, hip hop and the 90’s and offers options for both men and women. Check them out!

Christian Alonzo Female

Christian Alonzo Grey Male

Christian Alonzo Black Male

Valerie Perez, VERSEAU  – Became a fashion designer after she picked up knitting at 19.  Her collection was inspired by a woman who is elegant, but also eccentric, which definitely came across in her collection.  Here are some of my favs.

Valerie Perez Sequence

Valerie Perez Grey

Valerie Perez Red Dress

Bruno Horwath, Ala Verb Clothing  – Decided to become a fashion designer in high school, where he began to play with shirt designs, but it wasn’t until last year that he decided to launch his clothing line.  His collection was inspired by the thought that you can combine street wear with nature with ease and it definitely showed.  Here are some of his standouts.

Bruno Horwath Black n White Mens Look-yoursassyself.comBruno Horwath Black n Green Mens Look-yoursassyself.comBruno Horwath Blackn Auburn Mens Look-yoursassyself.comBlanquita Sullivan, Bonjour Biqui –  Has been painting and designing since she was a little girl. You can say it’s in her blood.  Her collection definitely showed her passion for painting, showcasing lots of painted prints and feminine silhouettes.  Here are some of ones I would love to own.

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Blanquita Sullivan White Painted

Blanquita Sullivan Stripped Top Painted

Blanquita Sullivan Yellow n Grey

The best part is that when I interviewed them all after their showcase and asked them what advice they would give other up and coming designers, they all said to follow your dream, regardless of what it is and not to let anyone or anything stand in your way.  If your dream is tied to something you love, then the hard work, long hours, success and failures will all be worth it because your true self expression will be the final product and there is no right or wrong way to showcase that.  How cool is that?

Overall a great night, but if you missed it, there’s still time to check out other designers.  Visit to see the full line up and check out the video I created to hear the MODA NEXT designers in their own words and to see their fab collections for yourself.

(The audio was recorded in a packed house, so please excuse me if you can’t hear every word) 

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Which look is your fav?


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  1. I loved the fashion. It was nice that they featured both male and female fashions. You are lucky to be able to attend.

  2. how neat, i love the dress with the painted colors, i used to have a skirt and sweater outfit that was similar to this many years ago. looks like old things are coming back in style -crop tops, cullots, baggy pants, etc. too bad i cleaned out my closet last yr.

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