Final Week – Miraculous Relationships (21-Day Meditation Challenge™)

LetGo-yoursassyself.comThe Oprah and Deepak Chopra 21-Day Meditation Challenge on Miraculous Relationships just ended and I feel like my eyes and heart just kept growing and continue to be opened up to many wonders.  Here are a few of the wonderful centering thoughts and insights gained this last week about love and relationships. 😀

  • The world is my mirror – This thought is about reflecting on the fact that all our relationships are a reflection of us.  It has been shown that we tend to be attracted to those who have traits that we wish we had move of and by the same token, are repelled by those who reflect back those traits that we find difficult to face in our own lives.  This is a valuable tool that we can use to see ourselves more clearly and to expand our awareness.  As we begin to embrace the good and the bad in each of us we bring love and healing to ourselves and our relationships.  When you can see that everyone in the world is simply sharing your own consciousness, you will lose the need to judge others and open to greater understanding and love.  “In you I see me, in me I see you.”
  • I attract that which I am – This thought is about “witnessing awareness,” where you calmly and objectively observe a situation, acknowledge when you’re being triggered and consciously choose how to respond, which will free you to make choices that will help fulfill your deepest desires for love and happiness.  It’s about staying present with your emotions because every emotion is valuable, so hold each emotion in loving awareness to bring a more authentic and whole relationship with yourself and everyone in your lives.  To get there, we are encouraged to consult our heart before we act on any emotion to help manifest the life and relationships we most desire.

  • I fearlessly speak my truth with love – This thought is about communicating with clarity, compassion and honesty.  To do so, ask yourself – “Is what I’m about to say kind?  Is it true?  Is it necessary?  Does it improve upon the silence?”
  • All I seek is within – This thought reminds us that we are already whole, created as a complete expression of love, wisdom and happiness.  If we feel something is missing it’s because we are seeing through the eyes of our EGO-mind, which has a limited perspective of our infinite, divine nature.  With the realization that we already have everything we need and desire, we give up the exhausting search to find that person or situation or achievement to make us feel whole.  So ask yourself what is the most loving thing/way I could treat myself today?  
  • I radiate love – This thought is about awakening to love – letting go of old fears and defenses and focusing on recognizing love in everyone we meet to feel a deeper sense of peace, acceptance and compassion.  It is at this point that our perspective shifts from “I” to “we”
  • Forgiveness is for me.  Forgiveness sets me free – This thought reminds us that to experience loving, life-long relationships, we need to be able to let go of grievances, hostility and anger.  These feelings keep us mired in the past and weighed down with emotional pain.  Forgiveness is a gift we give to ourselves – an act of grace that restores the memory of wholeness. Once we take steps to restore peace in our heart, we will feel a shift.  We will feel lighter as we expand our capacity for love, compassion and healing.  If feelings of hurt and anger arise, tell yourself “I am willing to see this situation with love.  I am willing to let go.”  Be gentle and patient with yourself as you hold the intention to heal and forgive.

I always feel refreshed and like I know my true self more and more after each of these 21-Day Meditation Challenges.   I’m so happy Oprah and Deepak Chopra continue to offer opportunities like this.

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Awareness-yoursassyself.comAgain, I know this is a lot of information to digest, but sit quietly, at least once a day and take time to really reflect on one centering thought a day.  Don’t try to digest all of these in one day, it’s too much and depending on how you’re feeling or what you’re going through, you’ll find these centering thoughts may lead you down different paths . Allow yourself to practice what each thought is trying to bring to your awareness and let the happiness and love you feel carry you to continue to practice them through the rest of your life and through all of your miraculous relationships.  😀

How will you celebrate already having all the love, wisdom and happiness you need?  How will you allow forgiveness to enter your life?

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