Finding Your Flow – Activating Security & Happiness (Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience™)

Today’s Oprah & Deepak Meditation Experience builds on the work done throughout my previous posts, which were aimed at getting us to our true natural state, which not only clears away the obsolete habits and conditioning in our lives . . . it also structures new patterns of thought and behavior that reflect our infinite potentiality.  This is where you get to activate what you’ve learned and put it in practice by now feel(ing) (the) peace and security rooted deep within your being.

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Once you’re able to feel yourself rooted in security, you are now open to receive the flowing energy that happiness and joy provide in our lives. We can now begin to feel a sense of wellbeing and happiness that penetrates and uplifts everything we do.

Here however, happiness isn’t about increasing our pleasure experiences – eating our favorite food, buying a new pair of shoes, finding new love, etc. – which tend to be fleeting.  Here, we’re talking about sustained happiness, (which) is something we generate in the silence of our consciousness. Today, we will use stillness (meditation) to tap into the source of ever-present authentic happiness within so that it can touch every part of our life and help us flow effortlessly.

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Sustained happiness has been a struggle for me not because I’m not generally happy, but because I tend to hold sadness when it comes to being single.  This is the place where I generally give into my EGO and allow it to take me down the rabbit hole.  It’s a continued struggle, especially after my recent break up, but it’s one that I’m slowly finding my way toward when I allow myself to live in the moment vs. the past or the future.  It’s definitely a process, but everyday I feel stronger in my desire and attempts to live in and enjoy the now.

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Try it, take some time out of your day to sit with yourself and your thoughts – keeping the above highlights as a guide.  If you’re new to meditation and struggle to empty the mind, don’t worry about it and just process the random thoughts that come to your head during your practice.  Meditation, sitting in stillness, takes a lot of practice.  If today you only get one second of stillness, take that as a win and something you can build on tomorrow, the day after and the day after that.  That’s what I’ve been doing.  😉

Maybe this can help.

What do you do to activate your security and live in a state of sustained happiness?

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  1. I completely agree when you say sustainable happiness. That is what our pursuit should be. Other wise, if one depends on external things, happiness tends to be temporary in nature. This was a great post.

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