Finding Your Flow – Finding Love & Expression (Oprah & Deepak’s 21-Day Meditation Experience™)

Finding love, I know sometimes it can feel like we’ll never find the one, but love surrounds us everyday. I know that the love of friends and family is different from that wonderful feeling of actually being in love with someone, but today’s Oprah & Deepak’s Meditation Experience is about demystifying what I just said, by saying that all the love we ever need is found inside each and everyone of us.

Personally I’m just getting over a very nasty break up, which may be why it’s much more difficult for me to center on this thought, but despite that, I do believe that


When we tap into the flow of love we no longer seek to fill an inner void by seeking love from others. We instead align with the ever-present reservoir of love that lives within. We move from seeking love to living love.

Basically today is about meditating on the fact that all the love and compassion we need are within, proving that when we move from needing to receive love to feel love, to giving love instead, we will always feel love – inside and out.

Oh how I long for that time to come.  I know it’s possible because I’ve lived here before.  Right now however, I’m not centered, and am instead allowing negative thoughts to guide me.  It is through my authentic expression of my feelings that I hope to get myself back on track, which is what the next mediation experience is all about.

Once we are able to authentically express ourselves we begin to bring our life back into balance because we are choosing to be vulnerable in sharing our unique gifts, talents, and perspectives with the rest of the world.  This reminds me of a quote that I love by the late, great Dr. Maya Angelou – When you get, give.  When you learn, teach.

Dr. Maya Angelou quote -

I am often asked why I share so much of my personal life and it’s because I know that everything I’m going through is not unique to me and my situation.  I know that many have gone through it and many more may one day go through it.  It is because of this that I feel the need to share my experience, my process and my healing, so that others may learn from my experiences and find their own healing and/or feel better about where they are in the world.

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If you’ve read some of my loving in the moment posts, you know that I whole heartedly believe we all have different perspectives on life.  Even if you grew up in the same household, the way you remember something will ultimately be different, either by a little or a lot, from everyone else’s memory of the same event.  Life is pretty funny that way, but being fully aware of that, we can come to a better understanding of each other through true vulnerability, which unleashes all of our potential to the universe.

It’s about moving beyond our Ego and allowing our true selves to be out there, vulnerable and exposed for the world to see.  I realize at times that may be a scary proposition, but it’s the only way to truly tap into the greatness the universe has in store for us.  So during this phase of the meditation, try to move past the fear and feeling of unworthiness your Ego is strongly whispering to you and allow your truth and creativity to radiate your unique contribution to life. Today remember that you are a valuable, brilliant diamond, here to shine your light to the world in your own special way.

Shine Your Light

How will you live love and allow your star to shine today?

Rocio Chavez
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