Finding The One Through Affirmations

A common theme for me since starting this blog, has been sharing my love journey. Everything from the sometimes lonely single days, to the highs of learning to love in the moment, to the lows of dealing with breakups.  Much like learning to live in the moment has taken me down the path of self discovery, so has the journey of finding the one through affirmations.

Finding The One Through

The first time I heard about affirmations was from Stuart Smalley on Saturday Night Live.

I laughed along with everyone else but for some reason his ending saying stayed with me for years.  Cut to last year when I was introduced to Hay House and Louise Hay – Queen of Affirmations – and I finally learned the true power behind affirmations.  When affirmations are written in the present tense and filled with positive specifics of what you’d like to attract – there’s nothing you can’t achieve.  Much like the visualization boards made popular by The Secret, affirmations function on the belief that harboring a positive attitude as you frequently write, say, think about carefully scripted affirmations through out your day, ultimately lead to all the good things life has to offer.

To that end, one of my daily affirmations for the last six months has been dedicated to attracting someone amazing into my life and as far as I can tell, it’s working.  I’ve had to make adjustments and work on fine tuning it with specifics, but here’s how it starts.

I am in a loving relationships with a man who _________________.

I am keeps it in the present and loving relationship keeps it positive and the ____ allows you to fill in the blanks with the specifics you’re looking for – loving, lover of life, spiritual, goal oriented, handsome, tall, etc.  You want it, add it.  And don’t be afraid to adjust as you begin to attract men closer to what you’re looking for.  A big thing I had to add was in my age group – so many young ones kept coming my way.  And it worked every time, better and better as I began to be more specific of what I wanted in my new partner.

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Although I’m still in the beginnings of seeing whether I have indeed found the one or just the one for the moment, I’m excited that after working on healing the soul, living in gratitude and living in a positive mindset, I have allowed my daily practice of meditation and affirmations to lead me toward all the good life has to offer and it’s a great place to be. 


What methods did you use, are you using in finding the one?

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