Fun, Free Ways of Getting Healthy in San Antonio

Have I mentioned how much I love my city?  Not only has it grown leaps and bounds as a metropolitan city, but it has also grown in creating trails, green belts and various getting fit, getting healthy programs for the community under the San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department and Fit City SA.

Fun Free Ways of Getting Healthy in San Antonio -

I personally love to exercise and spend my spare time outdoors, so I’ve definitely noticed all the improvements.  My furbabies and I have definitely taken advantage of all the trails and park improvements spearheaded by San Antonio Parks and Rec.

Furbabies Resting on Park Trail -

While the kids love running around using the playscapes and testing out all of the outdoor fitness equipment available.

Kids Playing on Outdoor Fitness Equipment -

Yes, you definitely don’t need a gym membership to get fit in this town.  Currently there are at least 35 parks outfitted with outdoor equipment.  And the best part is, the city has partnered with former San Antonio Spur, Antonio Daniels and his wife, to create instructional videos to help you get started with the equipment.

Not a fan of exercise equipment?  No worries, visit Fitness in the Park to find out about a free group exercise class being offered at a park near you.  You’ll be surprised at how many classes are offered daily through out the city.  Everything from boot camps, to cross fit, to zumba and yoga.  Pretty cool if you ask me.

Screen Shot Fitness in the Park -

Trying to make healthier choices for you and your family.  Check out Fit City SA and learn about their Diabetes Prevention Program, Veg Out SA and a myriad of other partnerships they have to encourage healthy choices at school and work.

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Screen Shot Fit City SA

See, getting healthy in San Antonio doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. It can all be done for free, we just have to get up and take the first step.  That doesn’t mean you need to jump into a cross fit type of work out or never let a piece of chocolate cross your lips.   It just means you now have some pretty cool resources to help you and your family toward reaching a healthier you.

What’s your favorite way of getting fit, getting healthy?



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