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Yes, like everyone else in America I set out to start off my year on a getting fit, getting healthy journey.  If you follow along, you know that’s been my goal since I started this blog. And while at times I tend to be hard on myself for not automatically being able to get back to the weight I was 10 yrs ago, when I allow myself to really look at what I’ve accomplished, I’m happy with my getting healthy journey.

Getting Fit, Getting Healthy -

Make Exercise a Habit

My first major accomplishment is that I’ve found a way to entrench exercise into my everyday life. It’s worked so well that when I don’t exercise, I miss it.  Not because I associate it with anything to do with my weight, but because my body loves the way it feels after.  It feels less stressed and more filled with energy and positivity. Something I totally need to get me through my work day, which is why I tend to do it during my lunch hour.

Various gym equipment - yoursassyself.comMy other accomplishment is that I’ve been able to lose 10 lbs and make that 10 lb weight loss my new normal. It’s been wonderful.  By that I mean that my body has been able to acclimate itself to this new weight and it goes back to it once I start making conscious food decisions again.  So if I happen to gain a few pounds here and there, all I have to do is put my mind back to intuitive eating and clean eating. And in less time than before, I’m able to get back to my new normal weight, which is 10 lbs lighter than when I started my journey. Not bad.

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Celebrate Yourself

So as I begin this year trying to bring down my weight yet another 10 lbs, I’m allowing myself to see how far I’ve come and celebrate it.  I’ve learned that beating myself up for not having lost these 10 lbs yet and being more militant in my intuitive eating and clean eating ways will just hold me back. Instead I’m choosing to follow the advice shared by the great Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer quote -
Based on that short but sweet statement, I now find myself asking what would 10 lb lighter me do.  Would I keep doing the same work outs with the same weights? How about adding in more challenging work outs? Should I continue to eat the same kind of meals or find simpler, more effective meals to help? It’s little questions like that which I feel will get me closer to my goal. And so far, pushing myself out of my comfort zone has worked very well.
Now it comes down to focusing on my mental game.  It’s definitely what sabotages me more than anything else. Thankfully, when I allow myself to focus on everything I’ve learning from intuitive eating and focus on the here and now, the weight seems to fall off.  Here’s to that being my new normal and getting fit, getting healthy.
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How do you motivate yourself on your getting fit, getting healthy journey?
Rocio Chavez
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  1. To keep motivated I write down the reasons my goal is important to me and refer back to them on those (numerous) days it gets really hard. Having a support system of family, friends, teammates is key too. Way to go!

    • Thanks so much for dropping by Lorna and for your encouraging words! I use daily affirmations and recently created a small vision board to try to keep myself on track. Cheers to our continued good health!! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Hey Rocio,

    More power to you… stepping out of your comfort zone is a big plus.

    Trying new things, challenging yourself = meeting new people, gaining new friends… you have so much in common with others that want to lose weight and keep in shape.

    You are an inspiration…

    John Engle

    • It’s a process for sure Miranda, I’ve had no kids and still carrying the extra pounds I put on in college. The hardest part is loving ourselves through it all and not putting our self worth in the lbs, rather the love and kindness we show ourselves and others.

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