Girls night out!

Ok, I must confess, since I’m a single girl, I get to have girl’s night out most every weekend 🙂  Just kind of becomes another night for me, but with the release of Magic Mike this past weekend, it seems that all I heard from my various set of friends, was a planned girls night out with this movie at the center of it.

Initially when I saw the trailer I just thought it looked really cheesy and was not planning on seeing it; but my friends, that I normally don’t get to see that often because they are married with kids, started inviting me to several showings of the movie.  It was pretty funny how this movie caused a stir, but I got it and wanted share this girls night out with them.  Needless to say I said yes to the first group that suggested it and invited as many of my other friends that could make the day and time we decided to go.

We decided to wait until Saturday to see it and planned to follow it up with dinner and dancing – the must haves for a girls night out.  I shouldn’t have been shocked by the lines of women waiting to see Magic Mike, but I was and it made me giggle.  The thing that made me take double takes was when I saw women accompanied by their male significant others.  Way to go men!

We made it in to the theater and the first scene of the movie was enough to make me say, “ok, this isn’t going to be as cheesy as I thought.” 😛 Although the story line was a bit everywhere, I know that’s not why we were all there.  We were there to see Magic Mike and the rest of the cast strip to their skibbies and that we did.  🙂

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We followed it up with a great dinner and then headed to Luna to check out Herb-n-Cafe.

We danced the night away and had an amazing time sharing it with some great girl friends that I don’t get to see too often.  Thanks Magic Mike for brining us and girlfriends around the world together for a good cause – Good Times! 🙂

Did you have a Magic Mike experience this past weekend?  What do your girls night out look like?

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