5 Ways to Give Back this Holiday Season

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‘Tis the season of giving, so why not spread the wealth beyond just our family and friends, to those we share our world with?  I know nothing fills my heart more than giving, which is why I wanted to share 5 ways to give back this holiday season.


Trust me, I know it can seem overwhelming to help solve our world’s problems, but it doesn’t have to be.  All we need is to allow compassion, kindness, and love to be part of our everyday language, both with ourselves, and with those we meet.  And it doesn’t have to involve grand gestures of time or money.  Daily gifts can be small simple gestures that cost nothing, but offer so much.  Here are some examples of what I mean.



So true.  But why is a smile so powerful?  Simple.  It tears down fear, anxiety, and insecurity, in yourself, and in those you meet.  How? By acknowledging the humanity that ties us.  Once we see that we’re more alike than we are different, we’re able to be our true selves, which are filled with compassion and love.

Kill Them With Kindness

Kindness, like a smile, goes a long way for yourself and for everyone you meet.  So instead of judging yourself harsher than anyone else can, consider building yourself up with kindness. Once you begin to feel more comfortable in your own skin, it’ll be that much easier to spread the same kindness to those that cross your path.  To help share that kindness, consider leaving encouraging notes to yourself in your home or office, and maybe in random places for strangers.   Or consider offering a positive review for a co-worker, or a local business you like.  If writing isn’t your thing, offer your kind words and compliments in person.  I know I always go out of my way to do this when I see someone going out of their way to share their kindness with others. It’s just my little way to show them I noticed and appreciate them for it, whether the kindness is aimed at me or not.


Practice Good Manners

There’s nothing more that warms my heart than interacting with people with good manners.  I know that they seem to be a dying breed, but we need to revive them.  So this holiday season hold the door open for someone, say please and thank you, respect your elders and others belongings.  Maybe even let someone with only a few items cut in front of you at the grocery store. And if you’re able, why not take that a step further and pay for the person in line behind you and ask them to pay it forward?  Any little bit helps.

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Donate and/or Volunteer

The beauty of this is that you can choose to: donate new or gently used items and money; ask your family and friends to donate to your favorite charity in lieu of gifts; or volunteer your talents.  There’s really no limitation on how you can offer some assistance. From blood, to eye glasses, to clothes, to food for both people and pets, it’s all a welcome sight to charitable organizations.  That’s why when I’m getting my holiday shop on, not only do I work in making my normal donations of items and money, but I also seek out retailers and corporations that give back to add to my list.  Coca-Cola ® is one of those corporations.



This year Coca-Cola at Walmart is warming the holidays for those in need by helping give half a million coats through One Warm Coat. So when you need to stock up on Coca-Cola for your holiday gatherings, make sure you head to your neighborhood Walmart.


Having participated in coat drives in the past, I know how much organizations like this are needed. If this is something that strikes a chord with you too, then consider donating to One Warm Coat here, or sharing how you’re giving back using #LayerOnLove.

Be the Change


If you witness an injustice – whether it’s someone struggling in life, being bullied, etc. – stand up and lend your voice and skills to right the wrong  Through courage and ingenuity, we can be part of the solution.  Whether it’s creating care packages; organizing garage sales, bake sales, or donation drives for food, toiletries, or books, we can all do our part to be the change.  The possibilities are endless.

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Much like the holidays bring friends and family together, so does giving back to those in need.  So as you gather around the table this holiday season, why not discuss how you can help, or better yet, find ways to get involved together. The experiences not only allow us to learn valuable lessons, but they also allow us to create memories and possibly new holiday traditions.




So get out there, get involved, and share how you’re helping those in need with #LayerOnLove, to hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Happy Giving & Happy Holidays!


How will you #LayerOnLove this holiday season?

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  1. Well just like you said, a way of giving is to do the simple things like giving out smiles and generosity. We like to donate during the holidays. My favorite charities are -Food for the Poor- and -Operation Smile-.
    Great post to start off the holiday season!

  2. Thank you for the kind and positive post. It is nice to see a holiday time post that isn’t gift driven! Such a great way to focus on the true meaning of the season! Happy holidays to you!

  3. Really great ideas to help set a giving mindset as we move into a crazy, materialistic time of year. Thanks for sharing, hoping to incorporate some of these into my family’s holiday celebrations.

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