Go Orange for Hunger Action Month

If you hadn’t heard, September is Hunger Action Month.  This is when food banks nationwide unite to urge individuals to take action in their communities and donate.  As an avid supporter of my local food bank, I love to highlight opportunities like this, especially in light of all the hurricanes we’ve seen thus far.  And as usual, my local food bank is on point, highlighting the various ways we can help locally. 

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Wondering what you can do to help your community? You can start by simply wearing orange and drawing attention to the cause, and/or you can…

Take Action


Donate food or money to your local food bank or food pantry.  If you don’t have one or aren’t sure if you do, head to Feeding America to find yours and/or to donate to their efforts in feeding our hungry.

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Organize a food drive at work or within any organization(s) you’re a part of.  As I mentioned in my earlier post on how helping others helps you, it’s in our nature to help others. We just sometimes don’t know how or where to start.  By taking the lead, you take away that insecurity and help provide an outlet for our good and compassion to shine through, and we appreciate that.



Don’t have any food or funds to spare? Volunteer.  Whether you do it as an individual or you motivate your co-workers or friends to join in, it all makes a difference. You’ll be surprised at the various way you can help. I know our local food bank not only has a warehouse in which they could use assistance sorting, packaging, etc., but they also have gardens which could use some love and attention.

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Social Media for Social Good

Did you know that you can also use the power of social media for social good?  It’s true.  Social media isn’t just about sharing rants or that latest thing you’re into.  It can also help spread the word to inspire others to fight against hunger. It’s as easy as sharing info in donation drives in your area, sharing pics off all the good you’re doing, and/or even sharing your story or that of others where food banks have made a difference. It’s all just about raising awareness and trying to inspire others to make a difference by lending your voice to support.

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Dine Out

Yes, I bet you didn’t realize just how important sharing your latest food posts on Instagram could be.  Well they can, if you happen to dine at one of the several restaurants that have decided to partner with their local food bank and/or with other organizations like No Kid Hungry, to give back. All you have to do is head out to the Dine Out for No Kid Hungry page to see a list of participating restaurants. And the next time you visit one, snap a pic of your food and a portion of your meal will not only go back to feeding your community, but you can use the image to inspire others to do the same.  Talk about a win win situation! And you know how much I love those.

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As you can see there are several ways to Go Orange and help end hunger in America.  I hope you join me in doing what you can because I believe together, we can make a difference!

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Happy donating, eating, sharing, engaging!

What have you done or will do to Go Orange?

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