Halloween Isn’t Just for Kids…Who Knew? The San Antonio Zoo Boo Did!

Disclosure:  I was not compensated for this post but the San Antonio Zoo provided the kids and I complimentary admission, snacks, and free tickets to the Zoo Boo.  However, all views and opinions expressed are strictly my own and that of my guests.

The super cute San Antonio Bloggers and kiddos 😀 (Pic courtesy of Michelle Cantu – http://athriftydiva.com/)

This past Saturday, my niece, nephew and I had the opportunity to hang with some super cute, furry creatures, along with some equally cute San Antonio bloggers and their kids at the San Antonio Zoo.  Why were we there?  To paint pumpkins for the San Antonio Zoo’s Pumpkin Smash, scheduled for this Friday, October 25th of course.  See, this event marks the the kickoff for their annual Halloween themed, Zoo Boo, (an alternative to neighborhood trick-or-treating, on October 30th & 31st) where kids are encouraged to wear non-scary costumes as they walk around enjoying fun events and collecting candy along the way.

Keep your eyes pealed for these masterpieces at this year’s Pumpkin Smash!

During the Pumpkin Smash tomorrow however, zookeepers will place our pumpkin masterpieces  😉 in the animals’ enclosures.  Some will eat our creations, others may use them to play with and smash, while others will have them serve as containers for their favorite treats.  😀

See, Halloween isn’t just for kids.  Animals also want in, which is why our kiddos did everything in their power to make their contribution as special as possible.  🙂

Once all the masterpieces were as close to perfect as they could be, the kids and the not so little kids, were treated to a most adorable treat.  We were introduced to Thistle, (Which by the way, is the most perfect name for this fairy princess, who’s boyfriend’s name is Spike), an East African Hedgehog. She was super cute and a little shy, but all the kids (including those that are kids are heart) were each able to gently pet her with one finger.

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ThistleHedgehog-yoursassyself.comAfter this cuteness, we went in search of more cuteness around the Zoo and boy did we find it – including 2 tiger baby cubs playing around in their pen! (1st pic on left – hard to see, but they’re there)  😀

ZooAnimals-yoursassyself.comNeedless to say I won the Best Aunt award that weekend and I think I’ll continue my reign when I bring the kids back for Zoo Boo on Halloween eve, which I’ve heard tends to be less crowded than Halloween night. 😉 Plus that means 2 nights of treats for the kids…this Aunt just can’t go wrong. 😆

SABloggersZooBags-yoursassyself.comWhat are your plans this Halloween?



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