The Secret to Happiness and Financial Independence

The Secret to Happiness and Financial Independence

This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Prudential and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

Who doesn’t want to find happiness and financial independence?  I know I do, which is why I had to share what’s worked for me and seems to be working for many of the women highlighted by Prudential at this year’s Hispanicize – the largest annual event for Latino trendsetters and news makers in digital content creation, journalism, marketing, entertainment and tech entrepreneurship.

Hispanicize #PruPact - yoursassyself.comIt’s knowledge.  Sir Francis Bacon knew what he was talking about when he coined the phrase Knowledge is Power. Let me explain.  Knowledge is Power - yoursassyself.comWhile fear is the number one thing that holds up back from trying new things, knowledge is the only thing that pushes us through because the more we learn about people, things, situations, etc., the less we fear them.

The more you know the less you fear it - Storm Reyes quote - yoursassyself.comAs a first generation American, from hard working, blue collar Mexican parents who only spoke Spanish, I knew knowledge was going to be key to help us get through many firsts.  So through their help and that of my teachers and friends, I was able to see how learning something new and different from my current situation and perspective, could help me not only hope and dream for better, but actually reach better.

Learning Allows You to Reach for Better - quote - yoursassyself.comSo I ran with it and graduated top 10 in my class, became the first in my family to go to college and graduated with two degrees – a BA in History and International Relations and a MS in Human Resources (HR). And so began my thirst for being a life long learner – gaining knowledge from every job, experience, and encounter – because I know as long as I’m learning I’m growing .

As I climbed the corporate ladder toward reaching my dream however, I realized that for me, happiness was more important than the money and power associated with the right job title.  So after I had built up a nice nest egg and gained my financial independence, I left the VP life and moved toward a life geared toward education and sharing my If I only knew then what I know now stories via Your Sassy Self.

cropped-YSSHeader11-13.pngAnd after a few years of on the job training, fabulous continuing education opportunities, and conferences like Hispanicize, I am now making what I was making in my VP life, without having to work long hours in a passionless job, away from family and friends.  It hasn’t all been champagne and roses, but there’s no price on happiness, so it’s all been worth it.

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Am I millionaire?  No, but in redefining what a successful, financially independent, happy life looks like, I realized that with happiness as my guide, I was able to find a way to have it all. And I am doing everything in my power to continue living the life I love, with an income stream that supports it.  That’s exactly what Prudential’s new educational initiative aims to do.

To empower women with financial solutions so they can be confident they are making the right decisions for themselves and their families.

It is this desire to inspire women to take control of their financial future, that left me honored to partner with Prudential, the title sponsor at Hispanicize, and leader in investment, retirement, and insurance solutions.

Prudential at DiMe Summit - yoursassyself.comRegardless of whether you manage budgets in the corporate world, as an entrepreneur, or you’re your family’s personal CFO (Chief Financial Officer), relying on advice and services from a trusted financial powerhouse like Prudential can make all the difference in helping you find your happiness and financial independence.

And boy did they showcase that through out Hispanicize with various information sessions and panels featuring amazing women, sharing their insights into happiness and financial independence, while doing their life’s passion.  From the great wrap up session at the DiMe Summit,

Prudential Panel at DiMe Summit -

to taking time to highlight the amazing, inspirational things the winners of the Positive Impact Awards are doing for their community,

Positive Impact Award Winners 2016 - yoursassyself.comto highlighting Lizzie Velasquez’ path from being called the World’s Ugliest Woman to a happiness activist and motivational speaker,

Lizzie Velasquez at Hispz 16 #PruPact - yoursassyself.comto Amanda Casarez pursuing her passion for fashion,

Amanda Casarez Fashion Show at Prudential Booth - yoursassyself.comto inspiring us all with their various other information sessions and interactive activities at their booth.

Prudential Booth fun at Hispz 16 - yoursassyself.comThey totally made it easy to see how choosing a life filled with fulfilling work can not only lead to happiness, but to true financial independence, with some guidance from professionals like those at Prudential.  So please check them out, follow #WomenInspired #Hispz16 on social media, and get your learn on.  

And as you continue to define and pursue your happy, play it smart, stay true to your authentic self, secure in the knowledge that there is enough for everyone;

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Prudential Bring Your Challenges -

surround yourself with positive, empowering people, businesses, and learning opportunities;

Prudential #WomenInspired #Hispz16 -
Top Left: Monique Jackson, Multicultural Marketing at Prudential Financial, Alicia (Rodgers) Alston, Vice President, Global Communications at Prudential Financial; Dorinda Walker Vice President, Consumer Strategy & Key Initiatives at Prudential Financial; Me; Mammen Verghis, Vice President at Prudential Financial Top Right: Rosario Dawson and I at Positive Impact Awards Prudential Blue Carpet Bottom Left: Me, Cristy Clavijo-Kish, and Piera Jolly of DiME Media Bottom Right: Mando Rayo,; Rekha Patricio, Senior Marketing Manager NPR; Hugo Rojo, Media Relations at NPR; and Me

and give back.  Share your trials, tribulations, and triumphs to help empower others to do the same.

Maya Angelou quote - yoursassyself.comI promise, the more positivity and light you allow into your life and give back to everyone you meet, the more good things will come your way. And soon, you too will find yourself living the life you want, empowered, confident, and happy, which is what it’s all about.

How have you found your happy? And which of Prudential’s financial solutions do you think will help you most in gaining your independence?

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