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If you’ve been following along you know that since the beginning of this blog, I’ve been in search of how to live in the moment. I thought that was the only thing I needed to work on until 2014 decided to prove otherwise.  All signs pointed toward healing the soul.  Since I believe things happen for a reason, I knew I had to spend some time going deeper to find what led me toward my downward spiral, which was capped by my break up, which for obvious reasons received the first pass of the magnifying glass.

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While yes, the person I broke up with is just not a good person, I had to step back and examine why I continuously let him into my life for over 17 yrs (yes 17 yrs) and figure out what lessons about myself I had refused to learn during that time, which brought on this core shaking experience.

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Once I truly allowed myself to examine our 17 yrs of an on again, off again friendship, I realized that the off moments came when I was willing to acknowledge that as much as I tried to fix him (problem #1), his words and actions just never matched (bigger problem).  Enter (Oprah’s LifeClass – Lesson #13) – When People Show You Who They Are, Believe Them

Unfortunately I, unlike Oprah, needed over 17 yrs to figure out why the fixer in me needed to believe what he was saying vs believe what he kept showing me.  What I found, as I previously shared, is that it all stemmed from fear and feelings of unworthiness – which I’ve come to see as the main reasons why we tend to stay in situations (friendships, relationships, work, etc.) longer than is healthy for us to do.  Throw in some daddy issues, and I was doomed to continue to return to the same situation until I dealt with it all.

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Thankfully for me life knew this break-thru was coming, so it started to steer me toward meditation and awareness through the help of greats like Oprah & Deepak, and then presented answers toward healing through Hay House’s – You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay.  Once again proving everything happens for a reason.

Do I wish it hadn’t taken me 17 yrs to get here?  Totally, but I know it took as long as it had to take for me to truly see and learn what I needed to learn.

Am I saying that Oprah, Deepak and Louise have the end all, be all, quick fix answers to life? No, but when you’re ready to learn about why you are the way you are and why life treats you like it does, they definitely have the tools to help you move more toward getting the best life has to offer and it’s pretty amazing. 😀

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Who or what do you turn to when life brings you core changing events?

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  1. Reading this post really struck me about when I realized how to “live in the moment”. A little embarrassed to say I didn’t truly realize it until about two years ago. I had heard of the phrase but never talked to anyone about it. I thought it was something along the lines of seizing opportunities that present themselves the moment their presented. Then one day I was out for a walk thinking about family issues that always upset me and realizing how much I think about them. A big A-HA moment. So, yes, it is a constant challenge to control your thoughts on a daily basis throughout the entire day. So glad you’re sharing this. It really does help when you know you’re not the only one.

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