How Living in the Now Helps Mind Body Awareness

If you’ve followed along, you know that I’ve been on a constant search for ways to bring awareness to my everyday life. I think over the years I’ve made big strides. Admittedly however, I continue to struggle with how living in the now helps mind body awareness.

Add in a year of feeling fatigued, capped with a bad allergy season, and it’s easy to see how my mind body awareness has taken a blow. Ugh, no bueno (not good) because I’ve now compounded my issues with weight gain. It’s a vicious cycle, but one I know many of us share. If you’re an emotional eater like I am, you eat to feel better, then you gain weight, and you eat to feel better about that. It’s a coping mechanism that numbs us from living in the now and dealing with what life’s thrown our way.  It’s also when life happens to us, instead of for us.

The great thing is that once the fog wears off, we can easily get ourselves back on track, by bringing awareness back into our lives. And it all starts by letting go of our desire to beat ourselves up for letting it get this far, which is just another distraction tactic of the ego. Instead we need to start realizing that focusing on a past we cannot change, or a future that may not be, is not how we need occupy our mind.  Those again are just distractions of our mind. We need to quiet the demanding mind and refocus it on intently living in the now. That’s why I’ve made living with intent my goal.

How to Live with Intent

Sure, as I mentioned in a previous post, living with intent takes a lot of work, but the rewards are worth it. That’s why I now intentionally tackle my day as soon as I open my eyes. Before I get out of bed, I make it a point to not only list at least 2-3 things I’m grateful for, but I also run through the 2-3 things I’d like to intentionally accomplish to get closer to living the life I want. Mind body awareness is high on that list. For me that means being intentional in eating real food vs. processed food, and ends with focusing on relaxing the tension I hold throughout my body. 

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These intentions set my day in motion and help me refocus on what I can intentionally do on the daily. This not only gives my day purpose, but it keeps me focused on what I need to accomplish, vs. allowing my focus to be impacted by the normal everyday distractions that move me from living in the now to ultimately reaching for food.

Then every night, before it’s lights out, I take some time to go through the 2-3 things I’m grateful for that day.  Then I check in on how I did in accomplishing the 2-3 things I intentionally set for myself that day. This way, regardless of whether my day was a complete success or a complete bust, I always have something to be grateful for and celebrate.

There’s really no downside to these daily check ins.  Not only do they help keep me living in the now, but they offer me an opportunity to learn and grow from what didn’t work, while allowing me to celebrate all I have to be grateful for, regardless of any set backs.  All of these things not only add to my motivation, drive, and confidence in accomplishing what I’m trying to change, but it keeps me on track toward living the life I want.  Sure, this requires 24/7 awareness, but man do I feel more confident in my own skin, ready to take on the world. When’s the last time you felt that?

How do you keep yourself connected to mind body awareness?

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