How to Add Fresh Summer Flowers to a Cake

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Summer is a busy time of the year, filled with tons of gatherings. Regardless of whether you’re hosting or taking a dish, it can be exhausting coming up with fun, tasty ways to wow.  That’s why I wanted to share the simple hack of how to add fresh summer flowers to a cake.

How to Add Fresh Summer Flowers to a Cake -

The best part is that you don’t have to heat up your kitchen by baking. You can just head to your nearest grocery store, pick up a simple store bought cake, a bouquet of fresh flowers, and you’re ready to take your cake game to the next level.

Items Needed to Add Fresh Lone Star Living Flowers to a Cake -

What You’ll Need to Add Fresh Flowers to a Cake
  • store bought cake
  • fresh flowers
  • floral tape
  • straws
  • wax paper
  • scissors
Prepping the Cake

If you truly purchased a simple cake with no toppings, you’re ready to move on to the next step.  If however, you purchased a funfetti cake like I did, or one with any other toppings, you have to make room for your flowers.  Take a butter knife or cake spatula to remove the toppings and place them to the side in case you want to put them back on the cake later.

Removing Sprinkles from Cake -

Arranging Fresh Flowers on a Cake

I’m lucky that my local grocery store, HEB, carries Lone Star Living bouquets – unique Texas-inspired bouquets that change monthly. Not only do they put a smile on my face and brighten up my space, but they’re full, long lasting and carefully selected for all things Texas, even cake decor.

Summer flower bouquet and sprinkle cake -

They offer a lot of beautiful blooms to choose from and experiment with. Thankfully there’s really no right or wrong way to arrange the flowers.  Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. You can choose to group them like a boutonniere or leave them as single flowers. Just play around with them until you achieve the look you want before actually placing them on the cake.

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Arranging summer flowers to place on cake -

Preparing Fresh Flowers for a Cake

Once you’ve decided which flowers you want to use, place the rest in a vase to add to your table scape and get your hand picked selections ready.  Start by giving them a little shake to shake off any loose leaves and pollen.  Rinse them and allow them to dry. Then measure the height against that of the cake and cut the stems a little shorter than needed. Then strip off any bumps and leaves and wrap the ends of the stems with as many layers of floral tape as you feel necessary to stop anything inside the flower from leaking out.  This not only keeps any yuckiness from getting on your cake, but it keeps the flower looking fresher longer.

Summer flowers wrapped in floral tape for cake -

Once tightly wrapped, it’s time to insert each into a straw.  Most regular drinking straws can hold single flowers, but they’re too small to hold bundled flowers.  No worries. Cut two straws lengthwise and slip them over the bundle so they wrap the stems and then some, to keep the stems from digging into the cake.

Summer flowers inside drinking straws -

Adding Fresh Flowers to a Cake

Once the flowers are prepped, you’re ready to settle on placement and add them to the cake.

Summer flower bouquet -

Push them through, but don’t leave them in. Grab a piece of wax paper and cut it to fit around the area with the flowers to serve as an extra barrier and to keep them from smearing the frosting.

Placing wax paper barrier on cake -

Now you can push the flowers back through and add the original cake toppings back on or add any extra of your own.

Fresh Summer Flower Cake -

Voila! You have a beautiful fresh flower cake and table scape that is sure to wow at your next gathering.

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Lone Star Living Bouquet and flower cake -


Lone Star Living Bouquet and flower cake at outdoor BBQ -

What upcoming gathering will you wow with your own Lone Star Living fresh flower cake?

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