How to Shift Your Perspective Through Gratitude

How to Shift Your Perspective Through Gratitude

Learning how to shift your perspective through gratitude is what week one of the Oprah and Deepak – 21-Day Meditation Experience, Manifesting Grace through Gratitudehas been all about. And boy did it deliver.

How to Shift Your Perspective Through Gratitude -

The one thing I truly believe has shifted my life toward the better has been waking up and going to sleep in gratitude.  Gratitude for all I have now, not for what I wish I had and/or was. This week’s meditation mirrors that belief and solidifies that gratitude “…turns what we have into enough…”, while attracting “…more good things…” to our lives.  Once we allow gratitude to rule our world, lack, limiting beliefs, resistance and feelings of unworthiness are replaced with feelings of being complete, limitless and with an understanding that all things are possible.  Which you’ll agree, sounds and feels a lot better than the alternative.

Pretty cool no?  It was a jammed packed week for sure.  But don’t worry if you missed any of it. Below is a small recap of the most impactful moments for me, as shared daily on my instagram account.  If you’re still not following, follow along so you can get a gratitude reminder each day as we continue this meditation experience together.

What allows you to shift your perspecitve?

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