How Would You Spend Your New Found Savings?

wpid-IMAG0535_1.jpgLong trips can be a beating if you don’t find ways to make them fun.  As we were driving back from my hometown recently, my BF (boyfriend) and I decided to spend some of our 4 hr. (sometimes desolate) drive back playing the What If game.  Have you played it?  It’s basically where you dream about your future and wonder what life would be if____(you fill in the blank).

Our game generally starts by wondering what we would do if we somehow came into some money we weren’t expecting.  We generally theorize it coming from the money we gather from all the change we collect on a daily basis in our change jar, from some lost aunt/uncle who leaves us money in a will, or from being that lucky person that happens to win the lottery.  Depending on which option we decide to theorize about, our minds go from picking realistic, everyday purchases to picking grandiose items like our very own charitable organization, which would have celebrity endorsers, who would come hang with us on our own private island (we can dream, can’t we). 😉

wpid-PhotoGrid_1371059486707.pngThis time though, we stuck to realistic items we could possibly get from our change jar savings, since right now we wouldn’t mind some new clothes, a flat screen TV, or a nice long weekend at the beach. 🙂

You don’t keep a change jar?  No worries, you can also find ways to budget and save by going through your monthly bills and weeding out those services which don’t need to cost you an arm and a leg.  My recent introduction to #MasParaMi (HalfisMore) from Cricket wireless has left me doing this weeding out process with all my bills because it’s left me wondering what else I could be doing with all my savings. 🙂  MiCricket’s recent #MasParaMi photo contest though, has kicked my savings drive into high gear because I’m getting constant visual reminders on what else I could be doing with my money…and it’s a lot. 😉

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When’s the last time you looked over your budget?  How would you spend your new found savings?

Disclosure:  I was not compensated for this post but Cricket provided the GS3 phone with service for review.  However, all views and opinions expressed are strictly my own.

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