I Lost Weight and Gained Some Emotional Awareness

Ban on fast foodAs my Getting Skinny quest moves forward, so does my emotional awareness.  See, My Skinny Mantra from the beginning has been to free myself from the mentality that food is the enemy and instead face the true enemy – my mind (surprising I lost weight 😉 ).  I need to force myself to look within to address that which I’m trying to quiet with food.  That last part is a never ending struggle since it’s much easier to turn to food for comfort than to actually confront what is it I’m feeling and what it is I plan to do to fix anything that isn’t brining joy into my life.

Being in a relationship and making sure we’re happy with each other, more often than not, has helped because I’m always forcing myself to decide what is truly important to the core of our relationship vs. what is just nice to have (i.e. a clone version of me who does everything the way I would do it 😉 ).

Relationship drama
This is how all my relationship conversations generally ended in the past – now only a few end this way 😉 (work in progress).

This past month we’ve been going through several poignant discussions that we hope will help move our relationship forward.  Although I know that we’re still in the initial muddy phase which generally involves the need to be right while making someone else wrong – I am doing my best to stay in the moment, experiencing every emotion and dealing with it, rather than turning to food for comfort.  Why this is happening now and why it didn’t happen so easily for me in the past is probably that now I have a stronger desire to make this relationship work, in a win, win for both of us, rather than be right just for the sake of being right.

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This past month I also started another job, which offers me a beautiful place to take daily 20-30 minute walks, which when added to my exercise routine, results in an average of a little over 10,000 steps or 5 miles or over 1500 calories burned according to my gifted FitBit from RadioShack.

Thankfully, as I’ve grown in the emotional awareness department, I’ve shrunk a little in the lb. department.  Although I only lost few pounds this month, I have grown so much more on the inside, and that I wouldn’t trade that for any large amount of weight loss.  😉


What, outside of a normal diet, has helped you on your weight loss journey?  Where are you on the emotional awareness scale?

Disclosure:  I was not compensated for this post but I was provided with a FitBit from RadioShack for review.  However, all views and opinions expressed are strictly my own.




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