ICON Sheila E – A True Latinovator #HISPZRewind

I don’t know about you, but I have loved Icon Sheila E since she first joined forces with Prince. What’s not to love about that combo?  But after getting a chance to see her perform live, hear her speak and see her interact with a super excited group of 3rd graders at Southside Elementary Museums Magnet School in Miami, I’m a fan for life.

As you know, earlier this month I was honored to be one of 200 Latino and Multicultural bloggers to receive the 2014 Brands Love Bloggers pass to attend Hispanicize 2014.  It is at this fabulous conference that I was able to see Sheila E rock the house at the Positive impact awards (more to come on these fabulous awards soon).  She jammed out to her greatest hits, as well as some of her newest beats from her latest release Icon Sheila E.

Then she and Edward James Olmos surprised us all by doing an impromptu jam session (click link to check it out).  It was great!

Then the following day Cricket Wireless brought Sheila back to receive the 2014 Latinovator award.  It was inspiring to see that she is a Latina through and through, with both Mexican and Creole roots, finding inspiration in her family and in the music that moved her growing up.

It was equally fabulous to see Cricket donate $5,000 for her Elevate Hope Foundation which is dedicated to providing abused and abandoned children an alternative method of therapy through music and the arts.  How cool is that and how cool is she?

Well as enamored as I was with her after her performance, hearing her talk and learning about her foundation, it only grew that much more when I saw her interact with the 3rd graders at Southside Elementary Museums Magnet School in Miami.  She was amazing with them.

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And she was amazing with everyone that crossed her path.  Taking time to take selfies with everyone, even during her performance,

Selfie with Sheila E at 2014 Positive Impact Awards #Hispz14

after her interview, and even after her interaction with everyone at the elementary school.

Sheila E after 3rd Grade Jam Session

It’s just refreshing to see an Icon in the music biz, giving back, instead of easily thinking of only me, me, me.  Thanks for not only sharing your talent, but using it to showcase the good that can be done to better the world we live in.  We need more of that. 😀

What cool cause to you use to give back?

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