Identifying Your True Source of Happiness via the Chopra Center’s Awaken to Happiness Series

Happiness is-www.yoursassyself.comWhat can I say, I love anything and everything that the Chopra Center offers to help expand my awareness, especially when it’s free. 😉  The Awaken to Happiness (8 week) series was actually something I had signed up for earlier this summer, but because I had also started listening to the Hay House Summit series, I let this one slide.  Now that I find myself looking for love again, I decided I needed to gain some more clarity on what it means to be truly happy and week one does an excellent job of identifying our true source of happiness.

The series begins by having us understand that there are two types of happiness. The first comes when things turn out the way want them too – i.e. when we find ourselves saying, “I’m happy because…(I got a raise/I adopted a child/I’m having fun with friends, etc.)  According to the Chopra Center, This kind of happiness is inherently fleeting (temporary) because it depends on external reasons that can be taken away from us at any time. Although we tend to avoid thinking about it, we can lose our home, our job, our savings, our health, and our loved ones at any time.

The second type of happiness, however, requires that we bring our awareness back to the happiness that we already carry inside, but that fear and limitation tend to overshadow. According to the Chopra Center this kind of happiness is independent of the circumstances, events, people, and things in our lives. (It) comes from the realization that our true self isn’t our body, thoughts, emotions, personality, possessions, accomplishments, relationships, or any other time-bound attribute, which is such a lovely, freeing way of seeing life.  Every time I allow this realization in I feel such joy that I don’t even know what to do with myself.  It’s when I decide to let life take me away from this awareness that fear takes over and I allow myself to get dragged into a vicious cycle of nothingness.

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Intention-yoursassyself.comTo keep ourselves from letting that vicious cycle of fear in, the Chopra Center encourages us to set written intentions for ourselves (which we reflect on regularly) to allow clarity and the awareness of living in the moment to take over that fear.  To begin, the Chopra Center says we should make our intention for this 8 week series simple, something that we believe whole heartedly, and that is written in a positive light (instead of saying what you don’t want, say what you do want).

The series also offers wonderful meditations during each week, along with yoga poses to open you up to positive energy.  This week’s most energetically filled yoga pose is the Triangle pose.

What will your intention be for week one?  How will you keep fear from moving you away from your intention?

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