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Have I mentioned just how much I loved Oprah & Deepak Chopra’s 21-Day Meditation Experience, Desire and Destiny?  Talk about everything in life happens for a reason.  I needed to get unstuck and make a total life correction, and this definitely helped. From helping me get back on track with week 1, to showing me how to make intentional choices in week 2, and finally helping me let go, dream bigger in week 3. Find out how you can do the same by clicking on each and reading below.

When We Give to Others, We Give to Ourselves

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. ― Anne Frank - yoursassyself.com

It’s true, grand gestures aren’t the things that make the world a better place. It all starts from acknowledging each others’ humanity. That’s what day 15 of the Desire and Destiny meditation is about.

Oprah says “when we give to others, we give to ourselves” because it helps “…complete the circle of our destiny.” Deepak Chopra adds that sometimes we think to give back we have to join the peace corp, start a non-profit, or donate large sums of money, time, etc. The truth is that service can be as simple as holding the door open for someone, gifting a smile to everyone that crosses your path, or lending an ear to a complete stranger. Everyone wants to feel seen and heard. If we give that gift to at least one person a day, then we not only bring happiness to others, but we bring happiness to ourselves, which opens us to receive gifts from others. The beauty of this is that there is no wrong way to give back. Deepak says just thinking about it, and offering even the smallest of gestures, opens the door to infinite abundant possibilities. ?

So as you go about your day today, make it a point to gift everyone that crosses your path a smile. ?

The Day You Find Out WHY

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why – Mark Twain - yoursassyself.com

Day 16’s meditation is all about how following your passion to fulfill your life’s purpose, leads you to the WHY.

Oprah says that just as our DNA and fingerprints are unique to us, so is our life’s purpose. It’s when we fulfill our purpose that we change the world, and create more peace, harmony, and love to share with all.

Deepak Chopra adds that finding our life’s purpose can lead us down a windy road, with several destinations through out our lifetime. But he adds that it will always create ripples of hope and happiness to everyone around us. We just have to give ourselves the “…permission to shine our unique light freely.”

So if your heart tells you to gift a smile to everyone that crosses your path, tells you to push closer to starting that business you’ve been wanting to start, reach out to a loved one, take a class, etc., do it. That is your destiny today, and it’s moving you closer to fulfilling your life’s purpose.

So what does your destiny, life’s purpose look like today?

Embrace the Teacher Inside

Day 17’s meditation is about accepting that we all have valuable, inspirational stories/lessons to share. As a result we should embrace the teacher inside to share what we’ve learned, while never letting go of the student inside, which remains open to receiving wisdom from others.

Through our actions we all have the ability to breathe inspiration into one another - Deepak Chopra - yoursassyself.com

Oprah says that “everything in our lives shows up to teach us about ourselves,” even the not so nice people. They’re just another “…reflection of who we are,” trying to teach us more lessons we haven’t quite learned. It’s the lessons learned from these experiences that turn us into teachers, ready to share, inspire, and reflect what we’ve learned.

Deepak Chopra adds that when we mindfully and respectfully connect with this teacher/student process, and each other, we open ourselves to the flow of abundance.

Pretty cool stuff right?

So don’t limit yourself to just being a student or a teacher. Embrace both equally. I know I do. That’s why I pride myself on being a life long learner, and why I love sharing my insights on this meditation and general insights toward living your best life. Thanks so much for following along!

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Rest and Play Are Not Luxuries

Day 18’s meditation is about how self care is so important in allowing our hearts and minds to rejuvenate and open up for creative inspiration to enter our lives.

Giving yourself permission to rest, play, to let your mind and heart rejuvenate, is a must in order to realize your greatest potential - Oprah - yoursassyself.com

Oprah says when we give ourselves permission to rest and play, even during the toughest, most stressful times in our lives, we bring our lives back in balance, opening “…pathways that once were closed. Deepak Chopra adds that “rest and play are not luxuries. Play, rest, rejuvenation and celebration cultivate and inspire some of our best ideas.” That’s because when we’re relaxing, playing, we’re connected to the here and now, vs. the EGO and shoulds that sometimes rule our mind. Add in sleep and we bring our brain back to “optimal performance.”

As a girl always ready for anything fun, I know how important the play piece is in my life. The rest piece is one that I struggle with, but I’m definitely working on it. How are you doing in rest and play?

Understanding our Highest Purpose

In day 19’s meditation, Deepak Chopra says when we look within to “…find those things that bring us deep joy…” we’re able to “…rediscover the activities that make us happy at our very core and are our real purpose for living. That is bliss.” ?

Joy is my highest purpose - yoursassyself.com

Oprah adds, “when we lay down the burden of trying to be anything than what we exactly are…”bliss comes effortlessly because we’re finally connecting to our purpose. Once “we understand our highest purpose, “ we not only connect to abundance, but to the “…joy, kindness, and peace inside us all.” ?

Deepak says that when we “…feel abundance love and happiness,” we “can’t help but want to share the joy with others.” And in sharing we not only “…joyfully serve everyone around us,” but “…happiness, success and abundance come back to us.” A total win, win situation.

What is your bliss?

Mine is learning new things and sharing them with you.?

What We Speak Comes to Life

Day 20’s meditation is about how important it is connect with others and share who we are and what we’ve learned along the way. Oprah says “what we speak comes to life.” Deepak adds “the spoken word is a powerful tool. By verbalizing your desires out loud, you’re empowering your intentions to the universe.” He says “when we share with others, we grow more comfortable being in and speaking our truth.” That’s because we truly share who we are, we begin to see how much more alike we are than different. This allows us to let our guard down and become open to new ideas and opportunities that we can offer others, and they can offer us. The more we practice this, the more we connect with our intuition, which begins to guide us on where to go and who to meet, helping us to manifest our dreams.

The world is waiting for my vision - yoursassyself.com

I don’t know about you, but I love meeting new people and truly connecting, getting to know who they are, what motivates them, etc. I love gaining new perspectives, and seeing if there are ways we can inspire or support each other. Deepak says it’s networking, not to make something happen, but to experience new things and share what we’ve learned along the way. Yes it takes courage to speak freely about your vision and dreams, but we’re all “…visionaries with something to share. Connecting fulfills us and enables us to help others find fulfillment as well.”

So get out there, connect with as many new people as you can, and open yourself up to new knowledge, perspectives, inspiration!

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If You Can Dream it, You Can Be It

This brings us to the last day of the fab Desire and Destiny meditation. Talk about a life changing, invigorating experience. Thanks for following along the way and I hope you feel the same.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world. ― Harriet Tubman - yoursassyself.com

Today’s meditation is about how “as humans, we have the remarkable ability to transform all we imagine into reality.” Although sometimes we feel like “…our dreams are so big that we think they must be impossible,” they aren’t. Deepak says “You are star dust, a bright golden light and all good things are part of your destiny.” We just have to let go of all limiting beliefs, to dream bigger for ourselves.

He says that anytime we have a desire to reach a goal or a dream that we can’t shake because it resonates so deeply in our heart, that’s because there is a way to make it a reality. We just have to be confident in the fact that we are worthy of all the good life has to offer and trust that the Universe is always there to support us. When we connect to that confidence and unlimited potential, we get the courage to push past our comfort zone and to dream bigger, as we feel at peace, “full of love, joy, and power.”

Oprah says that as we dream bigger, we need to make sure we “…continue to find stillness within. Giving yourself that space and quiet will lead you to more miraculous dreams, more joy, more possibility, and a supreme destiny beyond your greatest imagination. If you can dream it, and your intentions are pure, you can be it, and share it with the world.”

So let go of those limiting beliefs, be clear with your intentions, dream bigger, share your path, and see your joyous destiny unfold.  I know it sounds too good to be true, but as soon as you start letting go of those limiting beliefs and start getting clearer with your intentions, you’ll immediately start seeing a difference in how you see things and how others see you. It’s pretty amazing, but exactly what we need to bolster our confidence and trust the process.  We just have to remember to stay out of the way and let go of any limiting beliefs/people.

Cheers to letting go and dreaming bigger!

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